Barn Burners and Surprises

February 19, 2016

In the first game, Dan Dussaults Manville Palace Pizza, came out and scored 2 in the first. They continued the domination, 11 seconds into the second to go up 3 to zip, zippo, nada, nothing. In this dual of brothers, Mike Dussault would hold the fort, just long enough for 3 unanswered goals by the team in front of him. Peter Meegans squad Sean Forrant fed Ralph Espillat to begin the comeback. We are checking the stats, but according to the sheet the new Grand Pa, or Avo, got himself a goal served up by Chris Bach. then Jimmy Meegan would get the final goal for his squad, which was the tying goal. The pizza served up the final and winning goal by Scott Hawes. We are pretty sure he actually got this weeks game winner. The tape was checked and a sub got it last week. Manville Pizza gets it done with 1:07 left in the game. 

In the second game, Vescera Law sured up the blue line with Glen Marshall flying around. His former nick name, "left overs", cause the boy can't finish. Not the case tonight. Vescera got out to a quick start against 401 Consultants. Ricky Votta would finish the game by cracking a hat trick. On the powder blue side, 401 Consultants would again rely on Brian Beck, who would get 2 goals. Dave Roleau would get the other as the 2 centers did their best to stay in this game. Final was 8-3, Vescera.

In the final game and this is not a mistake, Manny's won!!! yep, it would be Jarred Martin getting the first with a little help from his Dad and Dave McQuade. It was all Derek Signoriello from there. Derek would will the puck to go in on at least 2 of his hat trick. The report after the game was that Gary Oiulette's squad, MSCCC or Gray, started out with 9 players. A couple of shifts into the game, they lost one of the top players to injury. As, we hope that Pete Sanchione is ok, it was a determining factor in the loss for MSCCC.  No comment from the Manny's locker room. They were rumored to be just as shocked as everyone they won. 

If this weather keeps up, we are going to need more games in the parking lot and maybe the grill. 

Live Breathe Love............Hockey!


Please watch this video it is important.