First game of the last of the season

April 1, 2023

Here we go. Manville Pizza vs. Quick Dam. This one started off like slap fight. In the end of the first, Quick Dam was up 3-2. It was Kreg Labelle with a hat trick to start the game. Kreg was named after Jim Craig the goalie for the 1980 USA Olympic team. I learned that last night. I know your thinking, but Matt why does his name start with a K ? Well, it is a family tradition. Which coincidentally, Kreg broke the tradition with his kids. Ok, back to what you came here to talk about. So, in any case, in the second, Shawn Smith made it 4-2, meanwhile Keith Kraunelis put got it close. And that is all she wrote folks. Well all I need to write. But, you know Kreg got another one. Larry Lefebvre got 2. Shawn got another and Neil Foley got the final goal.

Here is the game of the night. Only because it was my game and it was a tough one. Vescera Law got on the board early in the first. Gary Ouilette and Scott Reilly got together on one of the most difficult plays for a defensemen to cover. Ouilette dropped the puck to Reilly after entering the zone. Shot by Reilly and finish by Ouilette. That was the whole game for points anyway. The rest was back and forth. Frank Zabatta played great, but Mark Schaivone was perfect. He had some really incredible saves. In any case an empty netter by Mike Thomas would clinch the victory for Vescera.

Votta Properties went at it with Green Goddess. Steve Lombardi and Rich Dias with a goal a piece to get the game started for Goddess and next thing you know they were up 2-0. At the end of 1 it was 2-1 GG. And then in the second it was 3-1 Goddess, with a goal by Ray Iannnuuuuucheellio. Then Ricky Votta made it 3-2 and then it was the Nick Nardone show. 2 goals in a row. In the third it was Jay Arruda, Andy Morrison and Ricky Votta for the end of it all. One more for GG by Jimmy Meegan but it was over. 8 - 4 Votta Properties.

I'm a little melancholy today. I hope the best for the rest.

Good luck tonight.

Live, Breathe, Love.........................HOCKEY!!!!