Happy Halloweenie weiners

October 29, 2022

I was working in the rink late one night, when my eyes beheld an eerie sight. Mike heard a pop and went down in a flash, they said he did the goalie mash. It was his groin, it was awful bub, it was his groin, everyone offered to rub, it was his groin.

You get the gist. Sorry Mike, hope it feels better soon.

What a game the first one was. Back and forth they went. Tim Sheehan was in town and grabbed a goal in the second. Nice to see you Timmy for Vescera Law. I mean let's face it the story of this game is Jimmy Meegan with the first goal and the 3rd goal for Green Goddess. I know, you're going to say it is the new dude Steve Lombardi with 4 goals. I get why you would say that. In any case Vescera kept it close and tied it 4-4 midway through the 3rd, but it would not be enough. Mike Thomas had a couple as well as Rob Edleman and Tim, as I mentioned. Richie Dias would round out the scoring for Goddess with 2 of his own. In the end GG was too much in the third for this game. 7-4 Goddess over Vescera.

Here is an aggravating game for you. Final Touch and Quick Dam. Quick Dam scored first. Kreg Labelle would take the pass from the point and do what Kreg Labelle does and scored with patience. In the second, Neil Yee would score the lone goal for Final Touch, getting the stretch pass from Shannon. And then in the third, Game winner, top shelf, Rich Laplante from Labelle and Franco. The real nail was Frank Nardone, weaving his way through the yellow gauntlet and finding the seam on the short side. asshole. I mean great goal. That would do it. 3-1 Quick Dam.

In the last game. Wait for it, it is a killer. Honestly think I would rather lose than be on the side of this tie. Manville Pizza goes into the third up by a goal. They even stretched the lead further, early in the third. I mean 5-3 at this point. What they didn't count on was Nick, ill take the hat trick, Nardone. Nick would score at the 9 minute mark, to make it 5-4. Dunna nunt dunna nunt. Breaking news, as the clock was ticking down, one of the greatest passes in Mens league history, put it right on Nardones tape, I believe it came from Andy Morrison, but it could have been Ricky Votta. Either way, 2 seconds on the clock to tie it up. How freaking crazy was that. 5-5 tie between Votta and Manville. It was the Nardone boys night apparently.

Rent is due next week. Make sure you make it right with the league.

Hope everyone has a safe holiday weekend. If you live close, Richmond Smoke is hosting Wicked Rhode in Richmond RI. I know it is a haul, but it will be a great time.

Have a great week.

LIVE, BREATHE, LOVE........................................HOCKEY!!!!