Last Friday skate before Playoffs

August 23, 2019

Holy shit new schedule for playoffs WTF

I'm not fucking with U and It illiminates The Bucket, over.

Shit----God damn--- Get off your ass and jam--- The roof, the roof --- The roof is on fire -- we don't need no water, let the mother fucker burn. burn mother fucker burn.

I don't know why I did this. Same reason Votta Properties called a time out after being up 3-2 with 3 minutes left in a meaningless game, I suppose. Votta finished with another win against our hero's Manny's Hockey shop. It took the likes of redirected shots and good bounces for Andy Morrison, filling in for Stephen (married dude congrats) Albertelli. Nizzo Ricky Votta would get the game winner from Nate Arruda. They started with Shooter Marc Dionne getting it all done on a break away early in the first. For Manny's it was a great tipper-roo by Brian Pendergast and Peter Meegan tied it up again in the second with a mirror image goal of the one by Andy Morrison of the purple. In the end it would be Votta winning again. Looking ready for the playoffs.

So, did Manville Pizza allow Final Touch to get 8 goals. Lull them into a false sense of confidence for an upset on Sept. 6? Or was there a bit of apathy for the game itself? Either way Glen Marshall was the hero for Richie Dias' group of happy travelers, Final Touch. The pinny donned band of players managed 8 goals. Greg Landry would also contribute with a couple and an assist. Ricky Vasconcelos is back in fine shape again with a couple of assists. The Pizza served some deep dish with four helpers by Tommy Long Pants Gaboriault. Brian Duboc and Mark Kosinski popped in a couple each. Dan Dussault (double d) got a gal as well to help the cause. In two weeks, what will happen? Did Dias find a recipe for success against their playoff opponent? Time will tell.

Green Goddess went out last night to sharpen their skills. I think they found that Glen Marshall filling in just got his skills up to snuff. A hat trick in his first game for the Touch and now 2 for the Goddess. What is the scoop for next week? Jimmy Meegan started the scoring and Sean Coffey would get the other end of the sandwich between Marshalls goals for the Goddess. On the Vescera side, Bill Vescera helped his cause with the first goal from Paul Praderio and Rob Edlemen. JW Preston got himself a goal on a call up from the minors. Finally Edlemen would get the last goal of the regular season for his team. Close game to end the regular as Green Goddess, the hippy lettuce superstore, would prevail. 4-2.

"I tried so hard and got so far, in the end it doesn't even matter"

Next week we are off to lick our wounds and heal our aches and pains.

The following week will start the second part of the season, playoffs.

Roman Law will face off against Vescera Law! We only know, a Law will prevail.

Manny's and Green Goddess are away at a neutral site in the bucket. That should be fun. not.

And Manville Palace Pizza will hope to Rise to the occasion and deliver, but Final Touch will hope to buff out their past issues and come out shiny!

See you all in a couple of weeks.

here is classic.

Live, Breathe, LOVE........................................Hockey!!!!