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October 15, 2022

Good Morning Boo. Good Morning Aimee. Good Morning to all who wait so patiently for this article. 

Did you ever notice what a great sport Hockey is? It is the perfect mix of high speed, intensity and comradery. Ahhh.

Ok let's go. The early game was a battle. Edge Doctor came and went as an undefeated team. Spoiler, it was a tie. What a game though. It was intense. Well it was in a hockey rink actually. In the second Brian Pendergast put the puck to the net with a back hand. Steve Manning with a heads up play put the rebound in the net. Yep, Manning played up with Pendy and Shannon. (SHARONNNNN). You know against Adam Babikians juggernauts, one goal was not going to do it. And Peter Meegan made sure of this with a goal late in the third. Some an a bitch. That would do it 1-1 tie. Great goalie duel between Frank Zabata and Mike Baro. 

In the second game, no tie here. Manville Pizza and Green Goddess. Goddess is an upstart team with a lot of promise. In the first there was no score. It twas crazy. The drop of the puck in the second and it was on like donkey kong. Goddess took the reins off the face off. I believe it was Greg Landry. But wait there's more. The next drop of the puck Man Pizza Man'ed up. Number 6 got the goal 6 seconds later. Goddess got another one in the next shift. Steve Lombardi started the scoring engine. Manville would tie it up a few minutes later number 7 with the goal. Goddess didn't wait to be in the lead once again. Right after the puck dropped so did Goddess regain the lead. Richie Dias with the go ahead. Lombardi would stretch the lead in the late going of the second. Manville would stay with them and make it 4-3 going into the third. In the third, Jimmy Meegan would make this out of reach. Goddess would get an empty netter to seal the deal 6-3. 

Attention: Dan Dussault and Eric Robichaud, please send me the numbers of your teams jerseys please. 

Just like the last game, you always have to wait. Whether you are playing in it or waiting for me to write about it. 

Have a great weekend. 

HAHAHA I got you Ricky! you handsome devil. 

Ok the late game. Votta and Quick Dam went to the prom and nothing happened. In the first Quick Dam was dominating with 2 goals. Early on Kreg LaBelle would start the scoring. Larry Lefebvre would follow it up on the other end of the period with a late one making it 2-0. You think that would scare Votta? Not an iota. Especially with Andy Morrison, the goal scoring machine. He would start the scoring for the purple, making it 2-1 going into the third. Early in the third, Quick dam would get another stretching the lead 3-1. Derek Green Pants Franco chipping and chopping his way to the net. Here is something you don't see every day, Votta had 4 penalties and didn't get scored on with any of them. Anyway, here is the real exciting part of this. With a minute left Votta would grab one. And less the 10 seconds later, I cannot read the actual time Mr. D., but Andy would tie it up very late. What a finish. Votta would not settle for a loss apparently. 3-3 tie. 

How about the parody of this league huh huh? wow. 

Ok guys Wicked Rhode is playing at Stevie D's in East Providence. I would love to pack the place. Great food, great people and a great band. We have some of you saying you were going. I know of Aimee and Frank and Glen Marshall. Let's make this awesome. Hope to see you there. 

Until next time, I hope you are all happy and healthy. See you soon

Live, Breathe, Love......................................HOCKEY!!!