The finals ARE LOOMING

April 2, 2023

Hey sports fans, what an upset and a no kidding.

In the first game, you guessed it Edge Doctor took the ice against Vescera Law (spoiler alert) and dominated. Ed Cardoso started the scoring for Edge Doctor with the first goal assisted by Adam Babikian. Were you aware that Papa Babikian can run the clock? He cant just saying. But good effort anyway. Next would be Glen Marshall. No surprise there, again assisted by Adam. Hey did you see the new girl in the warm room? That was Brian Cormier's wife Tara. So, he scored to make her proud. He was assisted by my BOO, well everyone's Boo, but my BOO - EST, Ralph Espilat. And if you didn't know better you would think Adam was just a table setter, but he is a finisher as well, getting the fourth goal, assisted by Peter Meegan. Final goal for the Blue was from Glen of course. Not Glen Medeiros but Marshall. Medeiros hmm, maybe he can score, but not today. Anyway, Boo Assisted that one too. Oh, by the way Vescera did get on the board, very late. but indeed, Iggy Gozman would ruin the SHUT OUT (WHO THE FUCK SAID IT?). Andy Meegan this is for you. FINAL SCORE EDGE DOCTOR 5 VESCERA LAW 1.

In game 2 you would not have guessed this, but it was a bit of an upset. Quick Dam And Votta Properties went at it. Votta Properties would get on the board first with a goal by Derek Anderson. Derek would play a pinnacle role in this game. Quick Dam would tie it up with a goal by Derek Antunes. The Derek's are goal scorers, assisted by Larry Lefebvre. Ok, the score sheet is fucked up. So, from what I see, Derek Anderson the Turk scored two more to make it a hat trick. Congrats. Maybe another Derek scored, Derek Franco for Quick Dam. Maybe Frank Nardone scored? Or was it Neil Foley? I was not paying a lot of attention. In any case, Quick Dam mustered up 3 goals. But what happened next was not really expected. It looks like maybe Andy Morrison Scored, that is expected. But the Dagger with not much time left was, Brandon Bell. Yep, the real dagger.  By the way Tommy Martins had a stellar performance. FINAL SCORE ANDY MEEGAN: VOTTA 5  QUICK DAM 3.

On to the finals tonight. Good luck teams.

Live, Breathe, Love...................................HOCKEY!!!