The Matty Chornicles: Lord take me downtown...

January 7, 2017

Happy Friday everyone! I was thinking I have to say something. Since all the holidays are over.

Ahhh Friday is my favorite day of the week.

It was also Manny's Hockey Shop's favorite day of the week. They got past Vescera Law 3-2. However, according to reports, Manny's had the upper hand all game and Mike Baro kept the Law in the game. The review of the game was that Baro "stood on his head". For those of you young hockey players, this position for a goaltender is really not recommended. Somehow, Baro made it work. Besides the goaltending, Steve Sullivan was the MVP in the Vescera Law locker room with both their goals. Aaron Crossett, Mark Ferreira and Mike Strayer would score for Manny's, putting the hockey shop on top and getting the win. 3-2. Manny's Plays Manville Pizza in two weeks. The Pizza will be well rested.

The Green Goddess had a rough start to their game against the rested Roman Law. The law scored 2 goals in the first minute of the game. Neil Foley got himself his 3rd goal of the season and the first of this game. Eric Campbell would get 2 goals and 4 assists to lead the team. Ralph Espilat would also have 2 goals and then 3 assists. Rich Dias and line-mate Shane McCormick would get 2 goals and an assist each, well shy of what they needed to do anything in the game. Roman Law thumped Green Goddess 11-5. Roman Law will face the hot MSCCC gray team, the next time they are at the rink.

Speaking of MSCCC, they really gave Final Touch a run for their money. Early on the Touch would come out in a vulnerable position, up by 2 goals after one. This is not their game. Possibly because a couple of Manville Palace Pizza players delivered. Scores from Dan Dussault and Frank Notorianno, made a big difference. Player of the game honors would go to Glen Mederios with great defense and 2 assists. He would get Red Fisted in the locker room. (wait what?) . In 2 weeks Final Touch will face Vescera Law, hoping to keep their reign over the standings.

Just a reminder, the rink has scheduled the Kennedy Tournament, which means no hockey for anyone, further meaning we are all be either, fibbing to our significant others and going out or going out with our significant others. YEAH right hahahaha. Some of you will do the right thing. See you at the bar.

Live, Breathe, Love............................HOCKEY!!!!!