The Matty Chronicles : Oh the Drama!!!

November 18, 2016

MSCCC squeaks by Green Goddess in the early going last night. Mike Thomas would bend the twine twice to lead his team. Gary "Showtime" Myers would pay for his game winner in the late going. Steve Owens would be the master of assists with 2. The Goddess tempers got up with a non event, that escalated.
Oh we love some Drama. Nothing to see here folks, move along.

In the middle game, It was Schaivone V. Schaivone with Mark coming out with the win. Roman law spread the scoring around while Manny's never really seemed to get going. The game had Roman out in front right up to the waning moments. Manny's would get some momentum and score late. Roman law came back and scored right away to keep the 2 goal lead and win 4-2.

In the late game, Manville Pizza would come out to an early 2 goal lead. Vescera would get close and make 2-1 but Manville would score on a back door goal by Chris Bolton. Dominic Assini would get the game winner with less than a minute to go. The puck seemed to sit in the crease for an eternity as Vescera scrambled to get it out and Manville scrambled to get it in. Manville won the battle.

Great night of hockey. 3 close games and great goaltending all around.

We at the academy of beer and hockey, wish you and yours a great Thanksgiving. Please come back on Friday fat and slow!

Live, Breathe, LOVE.............................Hockey!!!!!