The Matty Chronicles: The Goddess is Rising

December 6, 2016

The NRIAHL is pushing along this quick “winter season”. Manville Pizza, Final Touch and Roman Law have been at the top of the standings all season. Each week the place card seems to change. Right now Final Touch and Manville Pizza are tied for the top spot with Roman one point away. The next tier is Manny’s and MSCCC just a couple of wins out of first. Even though Vescera Law and Green Goddess are at the bottom, things are looking up, as the Green have won a couple in a row and Vescera is in every game and just needs to find a way to tip the scales.

In the early going this week, Roman Law looked rested from their week off and scored 7 on tilted ice. JW Preston got 4 goals set up by Eric Campbell and Ralph Espilat. Four Goals by JW? Could that be correct? Oh stat boy, please check those sheets! I thought I heard something about a broken 5 hole from Eric Campbell? Although, moon shine was in the building. BTW Campbell, How do you have any room for your equipment with that bar you have set up in your bag? Joe Martin was the hero for Vescera getting a goal and 2 assists.

The mid shift warriors came in to bake some pie. Or was it to get baked? Not real sure but the Green Goddess came out of the VW Microbus in a waft of smoke with “Comfortably Numb” blaring in the background. Seemingly, they had the munchies for some Pizza. As usual, Shane “McShane-Shane” McCormick and Richie Dias were back in form as they collectively scored 5 out of the six goals, Shane had the sombrero and added 2 assists. The real story was Kevin Bartels quarterbacking the whole thing from the blue line, getting 3 assists. Kevin always feels like there is no love for the defense. He would be wrong. On the Manville Pizza side, Frank Notorianni would get 2 goals and assist with Dominic Assini and Dan Dussault getting the other 2 goals. The Goddess would hold on to their buzz and win 6-4.

In the late action, Final Touch would jump out to an early lead as Eric Governo would score on the second shift of the game. Governo would have come sooner, but he had no excuse. A special thanks goes out to Dan Dussault for filling in the gap. Governo’s line would do the scoring in the first period getting out to the 3-0 lead. Manny’s would see there was 2 periods left and the game and knew it was far from over. Manny’s would tie up the game in short order, as Arron Crosset would start the scroring for Manny’s. Mark Ferriera would get them closer on the second goal. The tie would come with Nick Miranda getting a toe on it.. Then it was a whole new game. The hero of the game was Anthony Lisi, he would come up big with 2 goals on breakaways, both sprung by Andy Meegan. Paul Praderio would finish the scoring giving Final Touch the 6-4 victory. Jay Cinq-Mars would get a goal and 2 assists to lead Manny’s in points. Great game all around.
We hope you all get rest, as Friday is coming soon. Please make payments to the league as we should all be paid up.
This weeks action could prove to set the table for the playoffs. Keep your heads up and skate hard.
Live, Breathe, Love……………………………Hockey.