The New Guy

April 15, 2016

The Ahab Report

The story of The First Game could've been all about the stellar performance by Dan Albetelli, as He relentless turned back shots by Richie Dias, Brian Pendergast and 401 Consulting, but it wasn't.  It could've been all about Shannon Caverly's game tieing goal on a rebound shot from Brian Roman, who managed to keep His shot in near earth orbit, but it wasn't.  It could've been all about Jim Joubert's game clinching goal on a rebound late in the game, but it wasn't.  It was all about The New guy.  The New Guy arrived late, and still, it was all about Him.  The New Guy didn't score, yet still the warm room was abuzz with, "who's The New guy?", and, "The New Guy can skate", or, "I want to skate with The New Guy".  In the end, Final Touch, with the help of The New Guy, won the game 3-1.

Manny's won big, 5-1 against Roman Law.  Iggy Gozman erupted for Two goals and Two assists in the Second and Third periods, breaking up a 1-1 tie.  Anchored with Mike Baro in net and Derek Signoriello on defense, This Team is going to be difficult to score on.  Sean Forrant scored the lone Roman goal on an assist from Scott Reilly.

MSCCC doubled up Vescera Law 4-2.  Eric Campbell scored twice.  Campbell's so smart, on one of His goals, He actually used Mike Dussualt, Jr.'s head to score, riipping a laser beam shot off the upstart goalie's cage and into the net.  Ricky Votta had a sweet looking goal for The Law, rushing the puck up the ice and finishing the way only He can.