Final game of the Winter Season

March 30, 2018

In a tune up game for the Manny's and Final Touch, as their fate for the playoffs was already cemented, they still played in playoff mode. Final touch would strike first and early. It would be the talented Dan Clare popping the bubble for the royal blue. Mike Ferreira would test his groin on the next goal, getting it on net and putting it on a silver platter for Ricky Vasconcelos to get er done. Jim Meegan would play hero to Manny's with the help of Mike Strayer and Steven Albertelli. In the third Richie Dias would grab the pass from Barry Horton, plowed down the slot with Gary Ouilette on his flank. Ouilette would find five hole to finish off Manny's.

Green Goddess and Votta Properties would put on their blades in an actual meaningful game to the Green. Andy Morrison would add to his lead statistically. He would end up in the top spot with 62 points, 38 of them were goals. In the first he would get number 37 to start the first 25 seconds into the game. Goddess would get 2 more unanswered in the first as Eric Campbell and Ralph Espilat, both tops in stats as well, would get on the board. Andy Morrison would add another to open the second and pull away to a 4-0 lead. Votta Properties would finally crack the egg, with Anthony Lisi would plow in for the goal from Mike Riendeau and Chad Labaste. The Arruda Brothers would make it interesting with Jay feeding Nate to make it 4-2 and a game. Goddess would get 2 more in the second and make it 6-2. Votta was not done, Ricky Votta would put the team on his back and cut the lead. It wouldn't be enough as Goddess would hang on to win 7-3 and will face the Purple People Eaters next week in the playoffs.

In the 1040 game Roman Law found, no matter what, they were going to have to face Final Touch next week. This game didn't really have any consequences. However, Roman and Vescera, "THE LAWS" would face each other as if everything goal counted. And Vescera was out to prove that fact just 43 seconds in to the game. Paul Praderio would set up Shane McCormick. And that is all she wrote for Vescera as Roman Laws defense tightened up and Dan Albertelli would be a wall the rest of the game. Ray Iannucillo would start the scoring for the Red. Brian Beck would get the next 2. Greg Landry would punch one home off a stinger by Jarred Martin and finally Kenny Beck would score a pretty one to end the flurry.

So next week is the big playoffs. Good luck to all! Not really!!! GO RED!!!!

Live, Breathe, Love..........Hockey!!!!!!