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The Moment you have all been waiting for, the weekly article.

July 13, 2024

Wow, when you wait 3 weeks for an article, you are going to have some expectations. How long do I have to wait. Larry has refreshed 7 times this morning. I bet he is running errands and looking on his phone at this point. After the non icing call on Tuesday, YOU CAN WAIT LARRY! It is amazing that you can have 1 hour earlier games and still get home at 2:30. Still had some can jam going. Some winners and losers. Pizzo with the first jam of the jam season. After 2 week hiatus, rocking at FreePlay with Michael Dussault and Wicked Rhode and Michael Dussault and Eric Robichaud and The Underground, it has been too long. (some shameless promotion right there) come out to Stevie D's tonight. Wicked Rhode. Some more shameless promotion. 

Anyway on to the sports news. 

Quick Dam and Green Goddess were at it in the early game. Quick Dam won 5-3. Quick Dam spread the love with 5 different scorers. Couple of goals in the first one by Steve Lombardi and the other by Scott Costa. On the Goddess Side 3 different scorers. In the first it was Brian Cormier kept it close. Midway through the second Goddess tied it up. Nick Nardone getting the tying goal, sent in from the south to north. Late in the second, Quick Dam got another to break the tie. I assume by Neil Yee. In the third, Goddess would get 2 one from Shawn Smith, the winning goal. Yeah spoiler. and one by unknown. Late in the period a desperate attempt to get a couple of goals, got one for GG. That would do it. 5-3 Goddess climbing the latter. 

Manville Pizza would get the better of Final Touch. 6-3. 3-2 going into the third. Joe Chatier and Steve Albertelli on the fill ins got FT's Goals. Ben Hevner with 5 and Ryan Degnan with 1 for MPP. Jay Cinq Mars with all the assists. Yep that is all. 

In the final game, the chippyness was there according to the penalties and the penalty shot on a trip. Vescera Law would win 6-4 over Votta Properties. The stars of Vescera were Kevin Webster with 2, Raf Manzo with 1 and 2 by Shane McCormick, including the game winner. Votta Properties Andy Morrison with a Hat Trick, all in the second Natty Hatty. In the third, Ricky Votta would try to put the team on his back, but only scratched out one goal. In the end Vescera had their number. 

So, was it worth the wait. Nah. But I try. Have a great day. 

Also, go to Stevie D's in Riverside tonight. You won't regret it. 

Live, Breathe, Love......................................................HOCKEY!!!!!

Larry? Larry!!!! Refresh Refresh

June 22, 2024

It is the most wonderful time of the year. I mean, steamy, hot, sweaty, so good for hockey. 

Let's get into the action.

In the 7:10 game. Yep, you heard that right, the games have all moved down a time slot for the rest of the summer. Check your local listings. Vescera Law had the return of the self proclaimed Emperor of Hockey, Michael Dussault, Jr. So, if I am being honest, coming back against the prolific juggernauts of Manville Pizza, might have been a bad idea. In any event, In the first, it would end up with Ben Hevner for 2 and Frank Nardone the 4th for one. Vescera had one of their own Ed Cardoso set up by Sammy Woodward. In the Second, Nardone the 4th got another one with Ryan Degnan getting one and Hevner. Vescera would get 2 in the period and keep it damn close. Another by Cardoso and one by Shane McShane Shane McCormick. In the third, Well 5 goals on the side of the Pizza. Ryan with his hat trick. I asked Degnan in the warm room, if he scored. He said sheepishly "I only got 3". SMH. False modesty is not attractive Ryan. Daniel Dussault the only got a goal. Along with Brian Roman. Someone else did wearing number 15. Any who, Vescera kept it close with Raf Manzo getting on the board. 10-4 good buddy. 

Now the fist-a-cuff game. Can't we all just get along. Votta Properties and Green Goddess. Goddess was not afraid of Votta. Not to take anything away from the real players on Votta Properties, like my good friend Richie Dias from Somerset Massachusetts. Richie got 2 goals. Green Goddess would get 4 and make it 4-3 for a total. Mike Dussault will be editing the rest of this portion of the article. Green goddess got 2 goals by Rob Edleman. They got a goal by Mark Kosinski and the game winner by Adam Babikian. All tolled, 4-3 Goddess. 

And the game of the week. 1-1 Quick Dam vs. Final Touch. The other Shannon, Shannon Reilly got the lone goal for Final Touch. Jonathan Murphy, the other other Shannon's brother, got the lone goal for Quick Dam. It was a defensive battle. The goalies were also outstanding. In for Quick Dam, Ma ma ma my Mark Schaivone filling in between the pipes. In the net for Final Touch was the Zac attack, Zac Rosetto in net. Crazy game. Talent on both sides not giving an inch of ice. Heck of a game. 

So, Yeah. There is that. 

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend. 

See you on the flippity flop. 

Live, Breathe, LOVE.....................................................................HOCKEY!!!!