Genius or absolute nut job?

January 11, 2019

There are situations in this world that are quintessential moments in a persons life. Whether to follow the path by the book or throw caution to the wind and step on the gas not knowing what is over that horizon. In the first game tonight, Rich Dias from Somerset, Massachusetts did just that. He went for it. Totally "Thelma and Louise"! Held hands with his team and went over that cliff in a convertible. Guess what, they said he was crazy, but it almost worked. Some may say it did. In the last minute of the game, against Roman Law, it started with a simple shot and rebound. Lets go back to the beginning. In the first period Shawn Smith started the scoring for roman law with the help of Tim Sheehan. Next it would be Peter Meegan with a shot right over the circle in the high slot, just catching the inside of the pipe. Smitty would strike again in the middle of the Second. The touch would get one back, set up by Kevin Webster. In the middle of the third, Shawn Smith would complete the Hat Trick. (a hat trick is when a player scores three goals in a game, a natural hat trick is when a player scores 3 consecutive goals in a game or a natty hatty. Believe it or not the term Hat Trick is associated with the game cricket) Game over right. 4-1 with 535 to go. Ehhhhhhhhhhh. Nope. At the 11:04 mark or 56 seconds left in the game. Jay Cinq-Mars would light the fire. Mark Ferreira gave him the match with a shot and rebound situation. Jay popped it in on the doorstep. But Wait, there is more. Richie Dias, pulled Mike Dussault for the extra attacker and it worked. Final Touch would get it to 4-3 with now only 37 seconds left. Junior would get his exercise as he went back and forth to and from the net. And again pulling the goalie after Final Touch would control the puck. And oh my goodness gracious, the Touch would tie it up! The crowd would go wild on the FT side and groan on the Roman side. With the time fleeting away and a face off in the neutral zone (13 seconds to be exact), Richie, and this was the crazy part or the genius part, pulled the goalie again. Mike broke a sweat at this point. Not sure if it was because of effort getting to the bench or just shock. With just 6 seconds left, the shot from boards, the tip from Webby and the Mark Clarkin shoulder save to the corner. The game would end in a tie. Of course it was one of those times where one mans tie is another mans devastating loss. Final Touch on the positive end where Roman Law was so mad they made Peter run around the rink in his underwear.

On to game 2. Lets just say the mish mosh of subs that Manville Pizza brought would not make Danny Dussault very happy. Although, Dillon Rapitore would give the MPP the early lead. Nice pass by yours truly to help the opposition get on the board. They have Dan Clare on the assist. Clearly the refs were not watching. That shit was tape to tape. That would be all the scoring Mike Baro would allow. Glen Marshall would end the period with a pair of goals to set the table for the rest of the game. Mike Thomas and Billy Babikian would set up the speedy Marshall. In the second Owens would open the scoring, then Showtime, then Anthony Lisi. In the third, Mike Thomas would score early from Marshall and Derek Antunes. The Show would finish off the scoring set up by Owens. In the end, every skater on Manny's got a point tonight. Manny's continues to lead the league.

Speaking of league leading, Votta Properties is nipping at the heals of Manny's. Yep, the only team who had the gall to beat Manny's. And tonight, they faced the number 2 team Vescera Law.  The Law would lay it down in the first with Vescera himself, the godfather, scoring from little RobbieCakes Edelman. They would skate aside back and forth for the rest of the first. In the middle of the second Votta went to work. Literally, Ricky Votta scored from Pat Smith and Andy " my wife leaves with 2+ minutes left" Morrison. The Young Albertelli would get the eventual game winner with the help of the young Adam Babikian. Votta would get 2 more in the third Mike Strayer, would set up the 3rd goal in the 3rd. Late in garbage time Adam would impress the warm room by putting the nail in the coffin and again with Albertelli helping. The young boys are just killing it.

So what do we take from this long ass article. Richie is a crazy pawtagee? Or absolute dyed in the wool genius? Is Manny's as good as their record? Or is it all smoke and mirrors and Baro? Is Votta the best team in the league without the best record? These questions will not be answered. "Maybe not today, or tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of your life".

Oh lets answer that Hat Trick question.

Apparently the game Cricket. In1858 H.H. Stephenson recorded 3 wickets in 3 consecutive balls. A collections was taken up, per tradition, and a hat was purchased and presented for an exceptional accomplishment. It was not the first time someone did this, but it was the first time it was reported as a "Hat Trick".

So, long but educational!!!

See some of you in two weeks up in Vermont. The rest, keep the torch lit on Friday!

Live, Breathe, Love........................Hockey!!!