Goddess was great and we are green with envy

September 29, 2017

Lets get to the heart of this, Neil Foley scored and Kevin Bartels scored. The rest of the game was just typical Green Goddess shenanigans. 11 goals in total. Vescera would not  just let them trounce them. They picked it up in the second and third getting 6 goals of their own. Rob Edelman had 4 goals to lead the Law.

Manny's finally gets over the ties and gets their first win. It wouldn't be easy. Roman Law played a stellar defensive game with Dan Albertelli holding Manny's off the score sheet. Jason Pires was just that much better. Well Dan would have been fine, but his defense wanted to show him that he needs to watch out for both teams. Mike Thomas led the way with both goals. A breakaway set up by Bobby Goggles Jordan and the game winner tipped in front.

Final Touch showed they have still got it. Rich Dias started the scoring with 2 goals in the first leading the way as the new captain should. Manville Palace Pizza never gave up and scored one by Mark Kosinski. Mike Bragan would get one in third, set up by Scott Hawes. It wasn't enough as Final touch wins 5-2.

Have a great week everyone. Bergy I have your cooler. Sheehan, Junior has yours. 

Live, Breathe, Love.........Hockey!