Happy New Year

December 28, 2018

The One eyed one horned, Votta Properties came dropped the puck against The Green Goddess of Star Trek infamy. What a game this would be. Back and forth all 36 minutes. Goddess would jump out first with Brian Pendergast putting the biscuit in the basket first with the help of Shane McCormick, who dragged the puck down the ice to get the play started. Votta Properties would come back and tie the game with the efforts of Pat Smith, Aka my boo aka Ralphie Espilat Aka Rosies bitch. He would be set up by Big Daddy, Ricky Votta. The goddess would not be swayed as the put the next one as time was expiring in the first. This time Greg "Copper" Landry would be set up by Craig Pizzo and his band of renound. 2-1 GG. It would take more than half of the second for the score to change. Andy "the sensation" Morrison would put the puck past Junior to tie it up taking advantage of a power play. The tie wouldn't last as Green Goddess would take the lead again and again it would Pendergast with McCormick and Shannon "its a beer league, not a mens league" Caverly. Goddess again up by a goal. In the third McCormick would put the Goddess up by 2 early on from Shannon. Votta would not go away. Ricky Votta would take his team on his back and get back one with Boo on the assist. It would take nearly all of the 36 minutes of play, 8 seconds shy of it, but an empty net at the far end was so enticing for Goddess they could not get the puck out of the zone. Andy Morrison would capitalize with Ricky and Boo helping out. Wow what a game. 4-4 tie and muttling up the standings.

In game two, Vescera Law would be pitted against Final Touch. The touch came out strong in the first getting on the board 4 minutes in with Mike Bragan lighting the lamp. The real story is the break away by Jay Cinq-Mars. Jay took the puck over the blue line with white jerseys in chase, He would then pop a back hander right on to Bragans tape for the early goal. Nice pass JCM. Later in the period Vescera would get on their horse and put a beauty past the solid Tommy Martins, who was filling in nicely for the Touch. Paul Praderio would set up with Mark "shooter" Dionne.  Vescera would open up the second grabbing the lead for the first time, Nate Arruda and Glen Mederios would set up this one for fill in Mark Kosinski, who put it in a mail slot for the goal. Later Jay Arruda would bend the twine with the help of Praderio. Final Touch and Mike Bragan would take one back with the help of Andy Meegan. Cant swing a dead cat without hitting a Meegan. Onto the third, as final touch opens with tying up the game. Kevin Webster is fed again by Jay Cinq-Mars, MVP of FT, to get it all knotted up. Wow. Vescera Law gets back into the grind and shows why they are at the top of the standings and pops in the final dagger from Glen "not just a pawdagee" Mederios, set up by Nate Arruda. The D players are the heart and soul of this game. This would be the game winner as Vescera stays high on top of the leader board winning 4-3.

Now for something completely different. On any other night, this would be the game of the night. It was only another game on this Friday with a tie and a close one already in the books. However, this game did not disappoint. Back and forth Roman Law and Manny's Hockey Shop, would go. Roman would open with Pete Meegan, Shawn Smith and Tim Sheehan up front and JW Preston and Jimmy Meegan holding the blue line. Manny's would open with the return of Gary "Showtime" Myers, centered by Steve Owens and flanked by Scott Reilly. Bill Babikian and Glen Marshall would be back defending for the gold. Nothing going for both teams as the first period mired mostly in the middle zone, with occasional spikes in the action and shots on net. The real action was at the end of the first when Toronto had to be called as the Derek Franco would appear to have shot it off Mike Baro's shoulder and the post and come back out. However, the ref waited until the next whistle to call it a goal. One side said it was a goal the other said it wasn't. Later a source that did not want to be named, actually 2 sources with the same initials RV, claimed no goal. Manny's would get back on the board with Mike Thomas doing what he does best and with the help of Dan Claire. That would do it for the scoring in this one. Manny's made it interesting on a power play at the end of the game. It wouldn't be enough. A great game none the less.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year.

Live, Breathe, Love.....................Hockey!