HAPPY VD ! come on no one is happy with VD

February 15, 2020

Nothing says love, like an STD.

Hope everyone had fun last night. For us hockey players we were trying to get one past the goalie eh. But no babies.

In the third game, Vescera Law puts one skate in front of the other to get some momentum again after some frustrating weeks. Tonight in the late game, Timmy Pincine made his mark on the score sheet. Having 2 goals and an assist starting the game with a goal. And ending it the same way. Apparently all the scoring was done after the second. Vescera's subs did all the work tonight beating up on Final Touch. FT got on the board to tie the game in the first by Peter Meegan fed by ole White gloves, Mark Kosinski. Unfortunately for them, it was all they could muster falling 4-1.

In the first game, Green Goddess and Roman Law duked it out. They exchanged goals throughout the first. Larry Lafebrve would start the scoring early in the first. Shane McCormick would match a minute and a half later. 18 seconds after that Stephen Albertelli would get the first of his NATTY HATTY, doing his Pasta impersonation. Roman would dig in 12 seconds later and tie it up. In the second Albertelli would do it again, getting his second. Roman would punch back with Sean Coffey setting up Eric Rondeau for the tie. Roman would get another with Shane McCormick feeding the guest wearing 88. And again, Rondeau would Stretch the lead to 2 goals. Late in the period, Albertelli would complete the sombrero to get back to within one. In the third Roman would get the early goal to make it 6. Late in the third, the digger, Adam Babikian would be set up by Albertelli to get closer again. In the end, Roman would hold them off and win 6-5

And the game I was avoiding talking about. Votta beat Manny's. Basically no one on but Brandon Bell scored that was  on the Property. But that would be the game winner. V-Nizzo Ricky Votta himself would set up Bell for the goal. Manny's could only muster one goal from captain Derek Signoriello, from Gary Ouilette. But that would be it. It was good effort, especially by Jay Pires and Tommy Martins between the nets. In the end, Votta climbs the standings and Manny's stays stagnant behind Manville Pizza.

Hope you all had a great night. Hope you gave hearts out or candy or flowers.

But what a stupid effing holiday. That is what my wife said anyway.

Live, Breathe, Love...........Hockey!!