January is starting with a bang

January 10, 2020

It is the second week of January and already a great year. We have a beautiful Saturday morning. So many things to look forward to as well. Here are a couple.

Craig Pizzo is having a Poker and pool night at his house (pool meaning billiards). Craig lives right off of Nate Whipple highway. Look for the Blue light on the off shoot of East Sneech Pond Road across from the beagle club. Get in touch with Pizzo for more details.t the party is on January 18th! 

Also, Sunday is fun Day as the newest band in the land Wicked Rhode comes to 1 Ann & Hope road. Cumberland. It is an intimate open mic session. I think everyone will love it. Mike Dussault is the front man. And will kill me later.

Hey let us get to the games.

In the first game. Showtime got to start again between the pipes for Final Touch. Fun Fact, Richie Dias is the front man for two bands. Identity Crisis and Loose Screws. There are plenty of opportunities to catch that show. Make sure you check out the facebook pages. In any case Manville came out fast and furious. Greg Landry had a monster game. Greg scored 4 times to help lead Manville to the lay up victory over Final Touch. Final Touch had help from sub Jay Goyette, who had 2 goals and an assist in this one. But it would not be enough. Mark Kosinski would be a part of all three goals, one and 2 apples. He was still reeling from Mike Dussault peacocking after a game on Wednesday. Steve Owens drove 2 home for Manville, plus an assist. Brian Beck rounded out the scoring with one late. He also held up in garbage time against his friend Show. Manville would end up winning 7-3

In game 2 of the evening, Manny's lost its first place spot to Manville Pizza, after being stonewalled by Frank the new goalie replacing Mike Baro, for most of the season. Dan Clare would get his team on the board midway through the first, willing the puck through the defender (ME) and hitting Pires in the shoulder, which then rolled up and over into the net. Like the magic bullet. Manny's roared back and scored just minutes later. Scott Hawes would hit the top cheese with the puck and tie the game from Matt Connell and a great pass by Tommy Gaboriault TLP!!! The two teams would beat on each other for much of the next 20 minutes. Much Like the first goal in the game, the last one was similar, finding the net after Pires made the initial save. This time it would be Paul Bergeron feeding Scott Reilly who made it all happen. Scott had been stuffed by Pires on a breakaway in the second and got his redemption. Vescera Law squeaked by 2-1 over Manny's.

In the last game I don't have the score sheets. All I know is that Green Goddess won 5-3. Neil Foley started the scoring. Steven Albertelli would get the Hat Trick and Adam Babikian would round out the scoring. Waiting to find out who scored for Votta. In the end it was GG winning and keeping pace at the top.

Don't Forget what we have this weekend. Wicked Rhode!!!

Hope you all have a great week.

Live, Breathe, Love.............................................Hockey!!!!