Last week of the season. And all is well

September 18, 2021

As summer turns to autumn, our heros continue the game that is frozen in time. Hockey is the sport, once brought indoors can be played and enjoyed, no matter the weather.

In game one of our 3 game set, Final Touch needed a win or a tie to come in second. Pitted against Votta Properties, it would not be an easy task. Final Touch would get off to a great start. Steve Albertelli would help out in place of Chris Pilot putting Final Touch on the board early. Later Shooter Marc Dionne, would close the books with a great tic tac toe play from Mark Kosinski and Gary Ouilette. Later Jerry Fahey would join the fun and get on the board late in the period. Steve Albertelli would get another to start the second. It was smooth sailing for the Touch. But wait there is more, Votta Properties would wake up and grab 3 goals late in the second. Kevin Bartels would score to get them on the board from outside. There still a little magic in Bartels. Not just a pretty face. Then Ralph my Boo Espilat would ricochet one off of yours truly, to get the ball rolling. Midway through the second, Albertelli would strike again and complete the hatty. It wasn't over yet. Brandon Bell would get Votta closer and make it 5-3 with just a few seconds left on the second period clock. In the third, the loan goal by Shane Shane, McShane Shane, would capitolize on my mistake and panic, and grab a goal to really make Final Touch sweat. Unfortunately for them, it was all that could be mustered. Final Touch would cement second place with the win. 5-4.

The Darlings of the league this summer, would continue their winning ways, putting up 6 and blanking the Vescera Law. Shawn Smith would start the fun in the first. Andy Morrison would tag along late in the early period with a goal of his own. In the second, Quick Dam would have Shawn Coffey getting on the board. That kid is good. later in the second, Andy Morrison would get another one for the Dam, this time from Brian McDonald. Still in the second, Morrison would get the sombrero. Later, it would be all over. 6-0 in the end. Stat night for Schaivone getting the blank. 6-0 Quick Dam cemented the first place spot a month ago. They went undefeated in the season, only getting 2 ties. They were first in every category. Very impressive. For the rest of the league, we hope we see the Patriots and not the Dolphins in the end.

Last but, certainly not least. Jimmy Meegan and his cast of characters, the Green Goddess, pitted up against The Edge Dr. were ready for the late night battle. This would be a preview of the playoffs for each team. They will be facing each other next week. The Doctor had the first goal early with sub money working for them and Kreg Labelle. Still in the first, Brian Pendergast would extend the lead. In the second, sub money would keep up the pay scale and get another. Finally Green Goddess would get on the board. Am I reading this right, Jim Gallgher would get on the board for the Goddess. It would be all Edge Doctor after that. Captain Adam Babikian, in his rookie season, would lead the way to the end with a couple and Kreg would get one as well. Game, set Match. No rubber match next week. That one is for all the marbles. Edge takes the game 6-1.

Wow, what a season. Hope everyone had fun. We insist you let your intentions known to Jim G. or Mike D. for next season. Get in early and, well never mind. Just let them know.

Anyway, the schedule is up for next week. Looks like Pizza will start the show at 8:20 against Votta Properties. The second slot belongs to Final Touch against Vescera Law. In the third game, Goddess V Doctor. Quick Dam awaits their first nemesis on Saturday.  Get those skates sharpened and sticks taped. Get the foil ready.

Hope every one has a great week.

Live, breathe,