Merry Christmas Hockey Family!

December 22, 2017

'Twas 3 nights before Christmas and all through the rink, no hot water from the showers, not even the sink.

The players were all stirring in lockers rooms abound, waiting for the zamboni and the all familiar sound.

Manny's facing Votta would be the start of the game, Votta would strike quick and hope Manny's tame. It would be Votta 2-1 at the end of two. Manny's would come back in the third, with 4 more and say, that's what we do. Spread evenly around the yellow would source, it would be Albertelli, Signoriello, Meegan and Strayer of course.

The tale is not over as in game 2, Roman Law would fight Green Goddess for all to view. It was Goddess whose top bill would score quick, it would not be long before Roman would click. The tie would not last long with the leagues goal leader putting it in the bin. Andy Morrison is good he always puts it in. The Law was not flustered, not even a bit, a draw from Smith to yours truly and the puck just fit. In the end, it was close, but Goddess was cool, scoring the game winner with just 7 seconds left in the dual.

The late game, my goodness, how many goals can be scored, apparently 18 to keep from being a bore. Owens and Kasinski would get some glory, as 5 points each, would be their story. What a game the pizza had, but Vescera kept their cool, maybe not at the end, with Edleman and Tommy G, having a dual. 12 goals for the Palace and 6 for the Law as scores abound this last of the nights draw.

Our tale for this week has ended, but don't be offended. Score some goals and be productive and your name will be inducted.

We heard him exclaim, as the zamboni was garaged no doubt, Merry Christmas you bastards, now get the hell out!

Live, Breathe, Love...............Hockey!