Summer time, the livin's easy!

April 29, 2023

It must be frustrating waiting for the article to come out. Whatever you are paying me, oh wait, never mind.

Here we are, refresh.

The third week of the season and despite the frustration of the Bruins losing, we are here to have some fun.

In the first game, Andy Morrison Green of Goddess versus Edge Doctor. Put it to you this way, in the first, Andy would get 2 and a surprise guest goalie, Paul DeCataldo would step in and blank the opposition. In the second a couple of goals early on by Edge to get them back in the game. Mark Kosinski would pop one past Junior and Kreg LaBelle would impress his family with one of his own. Yet, Andy would get one right after. In the third Andy would get ahead again. Andy, Andy, Andy. (in my head that is like Marsha, Marsha, Marsha). Super late in the game, Neil Foley. Wait What? Yep. Neil Foley would tie the game and rescue it from the jaws of well, no one will remember past yesterday, but it's pretty sweet. Steve Owens set it up. Hell of a game kids. 4-4

Here we go, Game 2. Vescera Law and Quick Dam went at it midway through the evening. Vescera started with a punchers chance by getting the first goal. Steve Garneau back in the summer fold, making his presence known. He was set up by the young Will Vescera. Late in the first Quick Dam would tie it up. Mike Bragan would get the orange and black on the board. My Boo and Andy Meegan set him up. In the Second it was all QD all the time. 2 of which were set up by Ralpheal Espaillat. Bob Watts would get one of them. A couple of subs would get the others. Bragan and Bobby Jordan would also do some heavy lifting on the back end. In the third, Will V would get a goal and Alex Bailey the goalie would get the assist. When does that shit happen. Late in the game, Quick Dam kept the pedal to the metal. In the end it would Quick Dam would win 5-2.

Late in the evening, when the Bruins already blew their game, Final Touch and Manville Pizza would hit the ice. I actually hit the ice completely twice, for real. Most of the damage in this game was done in the first period. Brian Pendergast would start the scoring, set up by Ben Mello. Ben is the new guy in the league. Captain Aimee Accinno would get the next one. This chick is on a tear lately. She was set up by Jim Meegan and Mike Thomas. But wait, there is more. Manville would go on a power play. MPP would put the puck in the net from the face off. Nick Miranda would get the goal, as Peter Meegan would win the face off to him. That was one of the quickest power play goals in the history of NRI hockey. Isn't that right Rob? Mike Thomas would get the goal back late in the period. In the Second, back and forth they went, but no breaking the barrier. In the third, Jim Meegan Bullied his way out of the zone and with pure hustle and grit, took the puck to the net and finished. That was a dagger. last goal scored by Nick Nardone to make this a 5-1 game favoring Final Touch.

So anyway. That was fun huh? I am a lot more articulate today than the last few weeks. Thanks to everyone for filling the gaps last week as a good percentage of the league was having fun with geckos and gators. A great time had by all.

Next week we will have the same thing. 3 games, 6 teams and everybody is happy.

I hope you all have a blessed week.

Live, Breathe, Love..........................................HOCKEY!!!!!