The season is coming to an end with 2 games left

March 17, 2018

This past Friday's games have put the hockey world on its ear.

Manny's could have clinched the first place slot by beating the upstart Manville Palace Pizza. Mike Dussault almost got the shut out for the black but with just a 1:14 left Paul Bergeron burst Juniors bubble. Manville went on to win with Capt. Dan Dussault getting a goal and 2 assists to lead his team to victory. Also, putting themselves in first, a point ahead of Manny's.

Roman Law had a slight chance at the presidents trophy this season, unfortunately Votta Properties had other plans for them. Votta came out ready to play. Roman Law was victimized by great hand eye coordination as Nate Arruda popped the puck into the net out of the air just 51 seconds into the game. Ricky Votta would get the next one and it turns out the game winner. Nate Arruda ended up with a hatty! And destroying Roman Laws chances for first place.

Final Touch would rout Vescera Law to get themselves some stats. The Touch spread the wealth around with 7 different players getting goals. Final Touch is getting ready for the playoffs with wins in their last 2 games.

So here is where we stand. Manny's now has to win its next 2 to insure the playoff top spot. However, if Manville Pizza loses and Manny's wins, Manny's will clinch the top spot.

Good luck to all in the next couple of games.

I hope everyone had a nice St. Patricks Day!

Live, Breathe, Love..................Hockey!!!!!



Manville still needs to win and have Manny's lose, but they are currently in first and want to stay there.

Green Goddess and Roman Law can only get to 29 points if each wins both games. Which looks to be for third place.