The Update is real

January 30, 2019

With all the folks up in VT the subs list was beat up. And no penalties at all? Really?? Oh that's right all the hackers were cracking the ice in Lake Morey.

So, honestly, I don't know what happened in these games.

All I can say is that Manville Pizza won and Captain Dan played 3 games. The Palace beat Votta 9-6. Probably a close one, but who knows. Vescera and Green Goddess went to the prom with their 1st cousin and got a feelski. Yep tie tie tie. 4-4. Manny's beat up on Final Touch 7-0 and I am sure we will hear it was a sub up and a cheat. And again. does it matter? well it does to me. Ha!

In the end, the league should be back up and running and having a ball tomorrow.

In a public service announcement, PLEASE PAY what you owe for the season. Thank you very much!