Upsets abound on Friday

October 19, 2018

In the first game of the night, Manville Pizza dug deep and kept themselves in the this game, even a bit short handed. Thoughts and prayers for whatever is going on with Scotty Hawes family. Manville started the game strong getting the only goal in the first by Mark Kosinksi aka "White Gloves" from Gary "ORR" Ouilette. In the second Manville would continue to dominate as they would get their second, this time it would be Sean Forrant from Kosinski. Vescera Law would get into the period with Robbie Edleman lighting the lamp< from Mike Bonin and Brandon Bell. late in the period Nate Arruda would tie it up from Mike Bonin. Early in the third we go as Manville strikes again, guess who, yep White Gloves unassisted. Gary Ouilette would add another and now it would 4-2 in the middle of the period. Rob Edlemen would take care of business and get closer. As time was ticking away, Nate Arruda would tie the game from Brandon Bell and Glen Mederios. With seconds left in the game, the excitement continued. Back in forth we go but time ticked away and the game ended in a tie. 4-4.

In the second game, Green Goddess came in to make a statement. The statement, we cannot lose another game. The answer, 10-5 over Final Touch. Mike Dussault was spectacular in this game. Right from the start the Green had the Touch well green with envy, scoring within the first minute and 2 more before FT could break the egg. At the end of the first it would be GG up 4-2 with goals by Shane McCormick, Captain Eric Robichaud, Briand Pendergast and Ray Iannuccillo. Final would get goals to keep it close by Captain Richie Dias and Kevin Weber (you know, the new guy, Shawn Smiths friend). In the second, much like the first, the Goddess would strut her stuff and pop in a goal, again within a minute of the drop. Shane McCormick would mirror his first goal with his second of the night putting the goddess up by 3. Final Touch would not go away getting their third goal by Weber and it was all of a sudden a game again. But the Goddess would keep on coming this time Tommy Gaboriault would get in on the action. Final Touch would get another as time was ticking away in the second by Scott Reilly (sub). Shane McCormick would streak as he does and catch the Touch a little flat footed, however, he would not get the goal, instead Brian Pendergast would hit the open net, with heads up by Shannon Cavalry giving him the pass from the boards. (no whistle, keep playing). That would end the second. In the third the wheels really came off for Final Touch as Brian Pendergast and Ray Innuccillo (2 goals) would finish off the scoring  respectively.

In the third game, the hero would be Jay Pires stacking the pads and coming up big over the vaunting Roman Law. Votta Properties would score early. Adam Bilbikian would get a breakaway, stopped by Clarkin by all accounts, but no whistle. An eternity later the puck did come loose and Paul Bergeron popped it in the ocean. Later in the period Shawn Smith (captain my captain) would get the red on the board and tie the game from JW Preston. Right when you thought it was safe to go back on the ice, 44 seconds into the second, Bilbikian would score from Steve Albertelli on a sweet pass. Later in the period Ricky Votta (captian and a dad, again congrats) would get one of his own with work around the net from Ralphie Espilat and Andy Morrison. The Next shift would have the 1040 kid get in the action, Yep Kreg Labelle is back. He would get the goal being fed by Morrison and Espilat as well. Roman would keep it close at this point with a goal by Jimmy Meegan from Reilly and Derek "Green Pants" Franco. This would make it 4-3 at the end of 2. In the third we go and from the drop of the puck, this time Roman would crash the net and get a goal from Peter Meegan with Shawn Smith. A couple of minutes later Albertelli would streak the zone and make the wise decision to pass to Bilbikain to mimic their earlier goal and get the eventual game winner. 6-4 Votta over Roman.

Lots of action tonight, but no fights or fire trucks, just good ole fashioned. Ole time hockey, Like Eddy Shore.

Hope to see you all next week as we do this all again and love it.

Live, Breathe, Love................................Hockey!

P.S. Pete said I should put something up on the site. But I don't remember what he wanted. Maybe Cam Neely or something? Something that happened and on video. Pete? do you remember?

If he does look below.