Week 7 for all who are counting

July 17, 2021

This was a night full of ups and downs. Teams getting way ahead and in the end made it much closer or disappointed altogether. In the first of the night, we all walked in to see Vescera Law up 4-2 in the first period over Green Goddess. Dan Clare, Mike Thomas, Iggy Gozman and Sean Forrant all got on the board Vescera to start the game. While the Captain himself, Jimmy Meegan cut the lead in half for the Goddess. In the second Vescera could only muster another goal from Iggy Gozman. Mike Thomas would get a couple of apples to lead the team in points. It would not be enough as in the second Rob Edlemen would get on the board 2 times with Peter Meegan. And all of a sudden at the end of 2 the game was tied. In the third, It was Rob Edlemen cleaning up his Hats for the Trick and the game. Green Goddess wins 6-5

In the second game, Final Touch and Quick Dam would skate to a tie 0-0 in the first. In the second it was all Final Touch all the time. Mark Kosinski would get the party started. Chris Pilot would get one and then Kosinski would get another before Quick Dam would get on the board. It would be Andy Morrison breaking the egg for QD. Gary Ouilette would cap off the scoring in the second for Final Touch. In the third, Andy Morrison would get his second goal. Richie Dias would score the next one for Quick Dam. Final Touch would stop the bleeding with a goal by Mark Kosinski getting the Hat Trick. Neil Foley got 2 goals, and Andy Morrison would finish the hat trick to win the game. There was a lot more to this than that but i am bitter.  "fuck you owen" Anyway Quick Dam won and is in first.

In the final game, Manville Pizza went at it with Edge Doctor. Manville jumped out to a 2-0 lead in the first with Kevin Webster and Nate Patterson getting on the board. In the second, Edge Doctor would get on the board with Adam Babikian getting a goal. Ricky Votta answered with a goal for Manville. In the third Edge Doctor would get another one early with Kreg Labelle putting it in from Steve Owens. As the time ticked away, Steve owens would tie it up. Under a minute to go, Manville went ahead with Nate Patterson getting another one. With 18 seconds left, Jim Galvin tied it up. And that is all she wrote 4-4.

If you have any questions, please contact your local authorities.

Hope everyone had a great time last night. If you want to continue the laughs and entertainment tonight, please come see Wicked Rhode at Stevie D's in Riverside tonight. Rocking from 8:30 to Midnight. Hope to see you all there.

Have a great week otherwise.

Live, Breathe, Love..................................HOCKEY!!!!