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July 20, 2018

The Matty Chronicles

Friday, July 20th, North Smithfield, RI

In an effort to raise money for the horrible disease MS, many of our hockey comrades have gone to the great white north to play. Close to Canada Eh. Nothing like Molson and poutine (gravy and fries please). Good luck up there in Burlington.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, while grandma is tied up in an old shack on the edge of town, our hero's fight the good fight of beer drinking and playing hockey. Our first effort brings us the battle between Roman Law and Manville Pizza. The Pizza had a takeout order of a sub his majesty the benevolent Junior brought off the Lynch ice to see if he is truly a high end player. In case you were wondering, he is, 2 goals and 2 assists. This game started out in the first with a tie 2-2. Mark 'white gloves' Kosinski got the dough rising for the pizza with set up man Larry Lefebvre. Lisi would do the damage for Roman setting up the 2 goals to keep them on pace. The second was all Manville. Larry getting a goal to start it off. Glen Medeiros would chip in with the help of Capt. Dan Dussault. Scott Reilly would get a solo shot to round out the game. Roman would make a heck of a comeback in the third scoring in the first 6 seconds, Joe Martin would set up the young Albertelli. Roman Law would get as close as one goal behind and Manville would scrape ahead, finishing 9-6.

Just a little heads up, if you happen to show up during the second game and looked at the players out there, you would have thought it was a pick up game. Somehow, nobody had a Manny's Jersey. Why is that??? In fact, there were not 2 jerseys that were the same. Manny's would get the ball rolling early with Tommy Gaboreault setting the pace on his first shift, just 30 seconds in to the game, " did he just score off of Baro's back???" answer, yes, yes he did. The Arruda bros. would take care of business on their end of the ice. Jay would step up from the blue line and grab a goal from Greg Landry's pass, while Nate would take up the slack and get a solo shot. Manny's would come back in the second, with Brian Pendergast getting on the board to tie it up. I am not sure I believe what happened next, but according to the score sheet, Neil Foley would get the next 2 goals. Yeah, right?? Not sure, it's kind of like saying Matt Connell scored, or I saw a unicorn yesterday. But you know, great job Neil! In any event, Nate Arruda, was like hold my beer, I got this. Nate would set up Rick Mercury and then get the game winner. Manny's did pull Junior, who subbed for Clarkin, and had a few chances, but Cinderella had to leave the ball, it was pumpkin time. Vescera is on a role, with 3 wins in a row.

In the Final game, Final Touch would be pit against the Green Goddess, that filthy whore. (just kidding...although I think captain Kirk had his way with her in the Trouble with Tribbles episode of Star Trek). And The Goddess put it in the hole, five hole, first to break the bubble. Mike Bragan did not disappoint his team putting them ahead in the early going, set up by Bobby 'Goggles' Jordan and Timmy Sheehan. Shane, McShane, Shane, McCormick would tie the game for the Touch set up by Ricky 'don't call me fluffy' Vasconcelos. The rest of the first period was a goalie dual with Mark Shaivone and Tommy Lee Martins. Both goalies made spectacular saves to keep the teams even. In the second it was Final Touch touching up for 2. Andy Meegan would set the stage with a great shot from the point that pinballed in front as Nate Paterson would tip and then spank the baby into the crib. McCormick would get the next one for the touch and put them ahead 3-1. The Goddess would not say goodnight that easily and kept coming and coming. Jarred Martin would get the next one and it was huge. He was set up by Mike Bragan (big surprise). In the most spectacular play of the game, Ray Iannuccillo would will his way into the zone, fighting tooth and nail to get around to the back of the net. He threw it out in front to the outstretched stick of Ricky Vasconcelos, and like a pro, he put the puck bar down. bingo bango, game winner. Brian Roman would make it tough on the touch with a late goal, again set up by Bragan, but it was not enough.

What a great night of hockey and yes, we even broke out the can jam even though it was late.

For those of you who are deciding not to play the winter because of the gigantic deposit, that was a farce. However, if you do intend on playing, make sure you let Jimmy Gallagher know. And if you want, give him the standard $150 deposit.

Again, we wish all the luck in the world to our friends who are in the charity event Hockey Fights MS, in Burlington, VT. I hope they have some great stories from bad decisions.

See you all next week.

Live, Breathe, Love.........................Hockey!!!!