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February 24, 2024

Dear Hockey Consumer, 

It is has come to my attention, that you are waiting for the article and it is late once again. This is not for lack of effort. It is lack of actually giving a fuck. 


The guy who writes this crap!

Now onto the article. 

Last night we had some movers and some shakers. Green Goddess moved into a tie with Manville Pizza, for the top spot. Technically they are still in second, due to the fact that Manville has 2 more wins. And here is how it happened. 

Green Goddess went up against Edge Doctor. They were so afraid to lose, the grabbed Steven Albertelli as sub. Steven did not disappoint. He set up Shannon. He scored 2 of his own. He set Peter Meegan. He set up Shannon again. Shannon started the scoring in the first with a sweet pass from Steven. In the second Goddess would get on the board 4 times before Edge Doctor could figure out Frank Zabatta in net. Brian Cormier started the scoring. Albertelli would get the next one, then Meegan, then Albertelli. Edge would get on the board with Nick Nardone bending the back twine. Peter would score one more to close the second. Early in the third, Mike Strayer got a sweet one for the Edge Doctor. Shannon Caverly would start the scoring in the third. Late in the third Cormier would finish the scoring for Goddess. One more goal by Edge Doctors captain would close out the scoring. 8-3 Goddess wins. 

Onto game 2. Quick Dam had a stinky start apparently. Sorry Shawn, it had to be said. But, I believe it was Andy Morrison on the early fill in to get the Dam on the board. In the second, Quick would make quick work (see what I did there) and get another one by Derek Franco. Later in the period, Larry Lefebvre would get the game winner (spoiler). It would be late in the second before Manville Pizza would put the puck in the net. And it would be Frank Nardone from Mark Kosinski. There's a combo for you, those two guys. Midway through the third, Manville made this a game. Frank would get another one. He would be set up by Daniel Dussault. Quick dam would get another one by Larry. It would end the scoring and get Quick Dam out of the cellar. 4-2 win. 

Votta Properties and Vescera Law would get going in the west coast game. Off the face off, Vescera would get on the board. Steve Lombardi doing what he does. Shane McCormick, liked what he saw and got one of his own for the Law, making it 2-0 in the first. In the second, Big Sexy, Ricky Votta put the team on his back and popped their first goal of the night in the basket. Lombardi got another one for V-law and to stretch the lead. In the third, Ricky Votta would cut the lead again. You can't do it yourself Ricky. But good try. In the end Steve Lombardi would get the chapeau and win the game. 4-2 Vescera Law. 

Ladies and Gents. Loose Screws is playing at the Ying Dynasty in South Dartmouth tonight at 8. Richie Dias, the rock star will be on stage with his golden pipes. Get out there. Whats with the Chinese restaurant's? 

I hope everyone has a great week! see you all soon!

Read it while its hot! Extra Extra Read all about it!

February 17, 2024

Good morning my fine readers. Glad to have you with me this morning. Jonesy, I hope you are ok buddy. Peter, did you get up to read the news? Hi Scott, thanks for reading. 

Anyway, on to the news. In the first game, Quick Dam Versus Final Touch. Great Jerseys. Final Touch got off to a good start, thanks to Aimee Accinno setting up Derek Sandy Anderson. Later in the period Quick Dam tied it up Derek Antunes set er up. Not sure who #15 was. I really didn't watch who was subbing. The next goal would be Neil Yee scoring the next goal for Quick Dam. Set up by Antunes and Anthony Lisi. Anthony Lisi? I feel like I haven't seen you in forever. In the second, drop the puck and Quick Dam scores teh game winner. Larry Lefebvre popping it in the net. I bet it was awesome. Rick Mercuri on the apple. Was that a spoiler? I mean Final Touch would get the next goal, making it 3-2. I really think it was Sean Coffey, playing forward? This is a topsey turvey world. By the way Shan Shan Caverly got the assist. The rest really was Yee, then Lisi shows up and grabs a goal. Of course Larry set up everyone. Final score was Quick Dam 6 and Final Touch 2. 

Game 2, you bastiges. Green Goddess V. Votta Properties. Where's My Man RAY?! Ray is representing Votta Properties in Finland. Fucking Finland! Is that like one of those really cold countries all year long. Like Greenland is south of you? Anyway, Ray came in 42 in a down hill skating competition. Congrats Ray!!!. Ok Back to the action. Peter the Bull Meegan, willed his way down the ice. Like a man on a mission, he got around and through the purple wave. Got the puck out front to Mike Thomas who scored. Heck of an effort. Ok, That was short lived. Votta would get the tie, with Richie Dias teeing up the puck. Later in the period, number 9, number 9, number 9. Yes, Richie would get another gift and put it on a tee. Apparently, Mr. D is touching Richies stick for luck. This is inappropriate behavior. Late in the third, Mike Thomas would get the second goal for Goddess. Yep, number 9. all four goals scored by number 9. In the end, a tie. 2-2

Ok, last game. Manville Pizza and Vescera Law. Manville came out to a 3-1 lead. 2 goals in the first by Manville. One by Danny Dussault, the captain of said team. The second by Paul Praderio. In the second, early, Ben Hevner for Vescera, would get the goal to make it 2-1. Frank Nardone for Manville would squash those hopes and dreams, making it 3-1. And then Ryan Degnan, does what Ryan Degnan does and scored. Making it 4-1. Vescera made a good run with 2 more goals by Hevner. 4-3 Manville. 

Welp, that's it. Nothing really changed. Manville still in first and Votta and Goddess still tied for second. And the rest are here on Gilligans isle. 

Tonight, Wicked Rhode is at Stevie D's in Riverside. That is East Providence. Please come by and have a drink. 

Live, Breathe, Love..............................................................HOCKEY!!!!!!