And now for something great or so-so or crap. Perspective!

February 12, 2022

Happy back to the rink. Having had to cancel last week due to the Winter, we were all happy to get back on the ice. Does anyone remember what happened 2 weeks ago? Oh the reason I ask is, I used my pink canoe and left early on that Friday. I didn't get the papers to do the report. So, here we are. 

Two weeks ago, the first game had Vescera playing Quick Dam. Vescera won with 2 goals and blanking Quick Dam. Goals by Pete Meegan and Aimee Accino. Fun fact they both got assists on each others goals. Paul Praderio and Rich Dias also with assists. That's it, the game. Great job by the goalies. Mike Baro and a guest. 

Votta Properties played Final Touch that night. Final Touch where is Tommy G. Have you spoken to your sponsor? These two teams skated to a tie. Final touch was in the lead with goals set up by Shannon and Larry in the first. Votta Props won the second by tying up the score. Mark Kosinski and Ricky Votta putting the puck in the net. Set up by Brian Cormier and Shooter Dionne. Final got off to a great start in the third with a goal early. Votta would again tie it up at the middle of the period. That would do it, 3-3 tie. Stop using subs, kidding I subbed for Shannon's team. I cannot remember if I did anything good. 

Here's the game that will make you scratch your head. I am not going to put my own spin on this, I will let you decide, unlike the news stations. That night, Wicked Rhode was scheduled to play at Coach's Pub. Due to the upcoming snow storm, we had to cancel. The reason I am telling this story is to you, is because Mike had to call out and Edge Doctor got Santiago. Last minute, Manville Pizza had no goalie, since Junior wasn't able to play rock star, he could play goalie for the opposing team. Does that seem odd to anyone? I am not projecting. So don't infer anything. Oddly enough Edge Doctor won 6 - 2. Mike Thomas scored a hat trick. Adam "The Little Tornado Junior"  got a couple making the other team click their ruby skates and wish they were home. Kreg LaBelle got involved with a goal of his own. On the Manville side, Glen Marshall mustered up a goal along with Nate Patterson to keep MPP from being blanked at the end. 

Last Friday got cancelled which sucked. What was great was Wicked Rhode played on Saturday at Badgers. It was one of the most fun gig's we have had to date. Don't believe the stories from that place, it never happened 'wink'. On a serious note, thank you to the hockey family that supported the band. 

Ok the first game last night was Final Touch and Edge Doctor. What a game. It was a bit rough out there as well. In the first Larry Lefevbre would get the Touch on the board. Later in the first they would be up 2-0 with a goal by Tim Pincince. Edge would get on the board late in the period with a goal by Kreg LaBelle. Guess what happened in the second. Nothing. In the third it would Edge tying the game Sean Coffey putting the puck by the goalie. Final would again get over on Edge with a nice goal by Dan Clare coming over the circle. A minute later, a scrum in front of the far net, would produce a sweet back hander by Kreg Labelle to tie it up once more. A late goal by Larry would be the dagger in the Edge Doctor's net and game. The little tornado junior did not get on the board. The mobile home park was safe this time. More to come in the future episodes. Again Final Touch wins 4-3.

The next game would pit number one teams against each other, Vescera Law with the new look of Peter Meegan. In the first Vescera would get on the board early and often. Peter would put the Law on the board. Next he dished it off to Aimee Accino for a sweet goal. Aimee would set up a goal next, with Richie Dias. Manville would make it 3-1 with a goal from the top of the circles at the far net from Glen Marshall. In the second MPP was off to the races. Nick Nardone, you know Frank's Brother, he got a Natty Hatty with help from Keith Kraunelis and Danny Dussault. (Tell Ben to practice his numbers, the handwriting is atrocious). Before the period was over, Shane McCormick would get one by. In the third Nick would get another, this would be the game winner btw. Vescera would get a couple in the third by Paul Praderio and Peter. But that would do it for them. Two more goals by Manville would seal the win. One by Rick Mecuri and another by McCormick. 

Ok, the final game was Green Goddess versus Quick Dam. It was a heck of a game. Goddess got on the board early with a goal by Ricky V. No not that Ricky V. the other one, Ricky Vasconcelos. He was set up by line mate Andy Morrison. In the second a goal by Quick Dam would tie it up. It would be Brian Cormier subbing in for the dam. In the second, Cormier would get another one to hurt the Goddess. I should have never gotten him in this league. Son of a ............ Kidding kidding. Both goals were set up by Shawn Smith. Incidentally, I got Shawn in the Sunday league for the rest of the season. I am a giver, I give and give. HAHA. (insert my infectious laugh). In any case Midway through the third, Quick Dam would strike again. Weirdly enough, another sub scored for the dam, I think it was Richie Dias. Goddess would get one back with the determination of Andy Morrison set up by Brian Pendergast. Late in the game, Goddess through everything at Woody in net and the rest of Quick Dam. They held their ground and the lead to win 3-2. 

So, the chatter in the warm room early was that back in the day in Everett, a man we know and love. The liberal gun owner. Is really a secret weapon. He was called the "Little Tornado". Apparently he was fast and left small mobile homes in his wake. We are hoping to see this again. I was told by LT that he will be back on the ice soon. He is on the rehab. Does anyone know who I am talking about? Let's all encourage Bill Babikan to get back out there. Bill, bring your skates next week and take a few laps during warm ups. 

Note to the league. Loose Screws, featuring Richie Dias on drums and vocals, will be at the Oriental Pearl restaurant tonight. Saturday the 12th. It is in Dartmouth on Route 6. Google maps or Waze will get you there. If we don't see you there, we hope all are safe and win their bets or squares for the big game. 

Also, for those of you who missed Wicked Rhode. We are playing on the 19th at Tavern On the Hill in Norton, Ma. 

Much love all! 

LIVE, BREATHE, LOVE............................................HOCKEY!!!!