And the Crowd Goes Wild

May 1, 2022

Here we go, Semi Finals in the Championship weekend. 

In last nights action, Votta Properties and Quick Dam did all the damage in the first. Votta Properties edged out the upstart Quick Dam. Ed Cardozo got the tally for Quick Dam. Joe Martin got the first goal for Votta from Bragan and Kosinski. Bragan would get the game winner for Votta with filth. I mean just woop, woop, woop, goal. Votta wins 2-1. And that's all she wrote. 

Game 2 was another story in itself. The baby blue of Edge Doctor was flying. Edge Doctor did all the damage in the second, including a penalty shot. Derek 'Greenpants' Franco would draw the penalty as he tried to break free of the defense down the slot. In the penalty shot, Franco came down like a bat out of hell then put the brakes on. Slowing to a crawl, he got Baro to commit. It was all twine from that point. That was the back breaker for Vescera Law. Franco was responsible with that goal and 2 assists. Mike Thomas had 3 assists as well. Brian McDonald got 2, one being the game winner. Vescera didn't make it easy, getting a goal from Richie Dias and Kevin Schleicher. Mike Dussault was in full Playoff mode, he even broke out his sex swing chair for the occasion. 

Tonight's action, Votta Properties versus Edge Doctor. Should be an epic game. 

See you all tonight. 

Live, Breathe, Love..............................................Hockey!!!