August 28, 2015

There are four teams remaining from last nights action. in the first game, Vescera law was over matched early by MSCCC. Nate Arruda came up with a hat trick to lead the team in goals as Steve Manning would get 2 goals and 2 assists. Nick Miranda would get 4 assists of his own to help the cause. They will face the power house Manville Pizza at 9:30.

Manville Pizza has been the up and coming all season long. It came to a head last night with an outburst of scoring seen only once before, the game prior. 21 goals altogether scored in the first 2 games. In this one only 1 goal in the first was scored. Both teams played tight to the vest. In the second, 5 goals would be scored. Dan Dussault the captain of Manville helped by putting up 2 goals and an assist. Keith Kraunelis led the team with an impressive 4 goals and 3 assist. It should be a clash of the titans when they play MSCCC to move on to the final stage of the summer league.

The late game proved to be an entertaining event. Roman Law and Final Touch took to the ice. In the beginning stages of the game, the 2 teams were battling. It wouldn't be til late in the first when Showtime would break the egg with Mark Ferreira and Sean Forrant. Pete Meegan would not let them celebrate long with a goal 20 seconds later, then another one 15 seconds after that. Showtime would change the game again and score one at the entrance of the second period. 2 minutes later Final touch would score again, with Shawn Smith putting one in from the top of the circle from a pass by Steve Sullivan. Final Touch was in the drivers seat. Late in the third, Roman would tighten their skates and tie the game. Ricky Votta would get the tying goal and in the same shift Brian Pendergast would put Roman Law ahead again. In the final stages of the game, it was a scramble by both teams. In the end and after a barrage of shots on Jay Pires, Roman Law would hang on and get the chance to play against the top team in the league, Manny's Hockey Shop.

Tonight's games should be fun to watch. There will be plenty of seats available. Come down to the barn and watch some old time hockey. Or old man hockey.