September 13, 2019

Its been a long wait for the Winter season to get on der way (WINK*)

Did you know Chris Bach opened the season with a goal for Votta Properties as a sub? Well he cracked the season open. Even tho they gave the goal to Ricky Votta. I am sure there will be a text to me later saying I messed up and I should change the website. BLAH BLAH BLAH. Gather round children, I aint changin shit. Ok back to your regularly scheduled programming.

So Votta and Vescera started the season as you know, Votta opened the scoring midway through the first. In the second Votta went up by two early and Ricky would have a hand in that one as well. In the third Vescera would put themselves on the board, finally figuring out Tom Martins early in the third. It would be Rob Edleman getting the goal. Late in the third Ricky Votta would close the book on the game, making it 3-1 and getting the win for Votta Properties.

The second game, it was a weird weird world, Larry Lefebvre and Ricky Vasconcelos in green? They say it is slimming? But hard to wrap your mind around. I thought Larry had a lifetime contract with Manville Pizza. In any case, Goddess got out to an early start. I would love to tell you who but you know congrats #5 from #4. Manville would even it 6 minutes later. #6 from #13. By the way that is a number sign not Hashtag for you fuckin millennials. with under 4 minutes to go Manville would jump ahead, making it 2 to 1. Again #6. I wonder if that was Steve Bell? Green Goddess would not give up. They would tie the game at 2 minutes 8 seconds left. I heard something about pulling some Shenanigans at the end of the game, but that is just hearsay. In the end, Neil Foley would score the game winner for Goddess with 7 seconds left.

Onto Manny's versus Roman Law, this was the championship game all over again. Well not quite, in the locker room, in the last game, a certain captain said he would try to keep the core of the team together. Kevin Bartels was eloquent when stating, I guess the core is Matty, Penda and Pires, ok sure. And they were off. Roman Law would get the first goal on a tip and a tip and slide. Early in the game. It would be Richie Dias helping out where Shawn Smith was supposed to be. It wouldn't take more than a drop of the puck, and a rush down the ice by Derek Signoriello to even the score from Brian Pendergast and Tommy Gaboriault. Late in the first Scotty Hawes, back from his summer hiatus, tasted the next finest brew of goal scoring. This would put Manny's up for a bit. Early in the second, Shane McCormick would get the first of many this season, I am sure. In the third it was back and forth. It would take Richie Dias back handeroo and the game winner. Hope you enjoyed your two goals Richie and the win. Roman Law without its captain, won 3-2 over Manny's.

I hope you all had a fun beginning of the season. I hope you all put some money up.

So, the calendar didn't say winter, only our winter season started. Yet, it was cold out last night. Kan Jam got cancelled. Fingers would have shattered in 48 degrees. Oh well. See you all next week.

Live, Breathe, Love.........................Hockey!!!