Back in The Saddle just a bit heavier

January 8, 2022

Happy New Year, you silly savages. So glad to see everyone after a few weeks off. You look marvelous. And it is better to look good than feel good. You know what I mean darlings. 

To start us off, the Edge Doctor was pitted up against Votta Properties. In the first, Edge would get on the board. Was it Craig Pizzo? Or Mike Thomas, I thought it was Thomas, but score sheet says it was Pizzo. In any case, the Doctor was in! Later in the period, Votta would knot it up with a goal by White Gloves, Mark Kosinski. He got a nice pass from Mike Bonin. Pizzo would not be denied on the next goal. After thrice being denied, a shot from the point by Kevin Bartels would find the back of the net off of Pizzo's leg. Well deserved. Unfortunately for the Doctor, Votta Properties would get the next five goals unanswered. Don Gouty, Ricky Votta himself would start the run with a goal. Derek Antunes would follow that up later in period 2. Next up would be Joe Martin getting on the board. Later it would be a mystery guest and finally White Gloves would book end his goal from the beginning getting his second.  Antunes and Bonin would be the big helpers on the goals. Late in the game the young Nick Nardone would get the doctor on the board late. A little too late. Votta prevails with a 6-3 win. 

In game two, it is the vaunted Vescera Law versus the cantankerous, yet lovable Green Goddess. Goddess struck first with the help of the young and talented, Steven Albertelli. He was set up nicely by Andy Morrison. A minute later, Richie Dias from Somerset Massachusetts would get his team tied with help from Aimee Accino. Midway through the first Eric Robichaud would put the purverbial dagger into his old day. From hells heart I stab at thee. He was set up by Kevin Schleicher. The not so secret weapon, Albertelli would knot it up again. And again, set up by Morrison. As the game turned to the second, Albertelli turned the Hat Trick with help of Morrison. But wait there is more, Vescera would tie it up with a goal by Richie Dias from Paul Praderio and Accino. Did you know other people could score on Green Goddess, yep there is, and it was Gary Ouillette set up on the long pass by Matt Connell (haha that was me). I set up Ricky V later for one, but Woodie the goalie was better. Late in the second, Albertelli would extend the lead by 2. This time set up by Al Whitton and Shannon Caverly. On to the third where Vescera was not done. They would get on the board early to cut the lead to one. This time, it was Peter Meegan in the white version of the Goddess jersey helped by Richie Dias and Kevin Schlecher. A minute later, it would be Richie Dias on a 2 on one break. Dias put it in off my skate, the mudda effer. I am not bitter. Steve Albertelli would get Goddess over again for his fifth goal. And Morrison would get his fourth assist. That would do it for the scoring. Mike Dussault kept it under six to help the Goddess with the 6-5 win. 

Ahh the late game. Statistically the late game, someone wins every time, unless there is a tie. Crazy right? In this case, it is a new year and Quick Dam is determined to change their fortunes. So much so, they started the scoring with help from Eric Campbell getting it going and Ed Cardoso getting the assist. Late in the first every ones favorite BOO Ralphie Espilat got on the board with help from Francis Frank Nardone. Really late in the period, Shawn Smith would take the yoke of the team and put them up 3-0 with Campbell on the assist. In the second, Frank Nardone would show off in front of his girl and brother, getting a goal and stretching the lead. Glen Mederios on the assist. Final Touch would finally get in the game with Tim Pincince getting a goal with Steve Owens setting the table. Onto the third, Final Touch would get another one from a mystery guest wearing 24. Not sure cause I was drinking in the locker room. Later in the third, like less than a minute left, Votta would finish the scoring with a goal by Shawn Smith. That would do it. Quick Dam would get their second win of the season 5-2. 

It really was nice to see you all. 

Have a safe and happy week. 

Live, Breathe, Love.......................................................HOCKEY!!!