Belated reporting!

March 1, 2020

Sorry, this is abbreviated because I didn't get to it and the score sheets are on legal paper. I figured since we started the games so late, you would be used to it.

In the first game Shawn Smiths Roman Law would beat the Final Touch 9-5. Final used Number 7 to do all the work. That was my number on FT and we won 2 back to back seasons a while back now. In any case that number 7 got a hatty for the touch. not to be undone, Shane McCormick added to his league leading goal tally with a hatty of his own. Shawn Smith also got 4 points himself. 2 goals and 2 assists. In any case, yeah, Roman came, they saw, they conquered. Vini Vidi Vici.

Manville Pizza saved the day, despite losing Brian Beck early in the contest. Reminds me of Mike Bonin in the Burlington Tournament. Manville pulled it off, missing Mike Junior Dussault. Get well soon Mike, Thanks for stopping by after the games were over. Mike Bragan was the hero, getting a hat trick, which was all the goals they needed. The pizza has risen and is at the top and now has won the presidents trophy. Yep, no one can come close now.

Manny's took it in the chin again. The gold are on a schnide. Green Goddess took it to Manny's. Winning 5-3. Manny's, is officially out of the first place contention. So now the pressure is off. Just play the game and be yourselves. By the way, Rick Vasconcelos and Anthony Lisi were the heros for GG. Ricky V got 4 apples and Lisi got 2 goals and an apple. Derek Antunes was the hero for Manny's, getting a goal and 2 assists. Not enough. Green Goddess with 5 - 2 win.

Hope y'all have a great week.