May 13, 2023

Last night, talkin bout last night.

Wow some great games last night.

In the first game it was a back and forth effort. In the First Quick Dam took the lead finally with just seconds left on the ole clock. Shawn Smith put the puck in the twine. The Captain leading the way. In the second, Handsome Rick Votta followed suit and took the team on his back with a goal of his own, set up by Steve Lombardi. In the third, Mike Bragan took the lead back with help from Andy Meegan and my Boo Ralphie Espaillat. Votta Properties could not let the lead stay long, tying it up. It so hard to keep a tie. Especially when you have Mike Bragan facing you. He got another to take the lead back for Quick Dam, just 20 seconds later. And yet, as I said, back and forth. Votta would tie it up for good. I believe it was Tim Pincince.In any case, that was it, I spoiled it. 3-3 tie. I cannot believe Rich LaPlante leveled Pincince in front of the net. What a hit. hee hee

Here is the game of the week. Mike Dussault vs. Mike Baro and a little puck luck. In the first it was just a good effort by both teams. Oh btw, it was Edge Doctor against Final Touch. Both Teams had a full squad. Just like sasquatch, it is ugly and rare to have full squad on both sides. I mean what. Edge got the Edge early, Mark Kosinski taking the puck to the hole. It's in the hole, It's in the hole. Cinderella story, from out of no where. In any case, late in the second, finally Nick Nardone did his job and scored. We don't score a lot. Do your job Nick. It was a hell of a twine bender. He was set up by Mike Thomas. In the third a mishap at the blue line sent or set the Edge? Something like that, in any case Adam Babikian, yep the captain, are you sensing a theme, would take the team on his back and get the GWG. 2-1 What the hell. Yep, I am bitter about this one. We will meet you again Edge Doctor. We will meet again! Edge wins 2-1.

Hi, still with me? You know there was another game. Green Goddess and Vescera Law went at it. Suffice it to say, (don't you like that word) Green Goddess would blank Vescera 4-0. Andy Morrison, adding to his league leading stats would get the first 2. One in the first and one in the second. One by Larry Lefebrve and one by Brian Cormier to close it out. I admit, I didn't watch this one. In any case, 4-0 as I said Green Goddess over Vescera law.

Boys and girls, you know these nice summer nights, become summer mornings quick. Eric Robichaud was fondling my lady all night and having a little acoustic show in the lot til the wee hours. It was great, but damn late.

Ok everyone, enjoy the weather. Make sure you treat the mothers in your life well this weekend. We love them all. If it were up to the men, we would have been obliterated from this earth. There would be no human population.

I hope everyone has a great week. See you Friday.

Live, Breathe, Love.............................................HOCKEY!!!!!