Close games and close freinds

July 30, 2022

It comes down to just a few games left. The top four teams are very close.Votta Properties is making a run for the Presidents Trophy. They have a game in hand and 3 points ahead of the field. Quick Dam was on a small slide and has turned it around. Final Touch has a game in hand but was on the bye making them stagnant for this week, allowing Quick Dam to jump ahead of them in the standings.

Lets talk about the Goddess and their recent run at standings. They found them up 2 - 1 after one. With goals by Kreg Labelle and Brandon Bell. The second was a wash as neither team scored. In the third, it was the Labelle and Bell tandem scoring to put the Goddess up 4-2. Way too much time was left on the clock as Edge Doctor chipped away at the lead. Adam Babikian got the answer goal 10 seconds after Green Goddess was thinking they put up the game winner. In the end, with 2:45 on the clock, Edge Doctor tied it up, making it feel like a win for them and a loss for Goddess. 4-4 Tie to start the night.

On to game two Votta Properties found themselves down by one early, as Kevin Schleicher had a beauty for Vescera Law. Properties came back just past the midway point of the first. Schleicher would strike twice to give the 3-1 lead going into the second. Kevin completes the hatty with goals 30 seconds apart. Vescera came out hot for the second getting another quick one by Peter Meegan. And then they ran out of steam. Votta got into the game in a big way. They would score 5 unanswered. The purple would get goals from Brian Pendergast with a back door blast. Eric Yuszczak coming in from the way back machine, getting 2. That was all she wrote. Votta Properties won 6-4.

Welcome to the end of the games as we know it. I feel fine. Quick Dam and Manville Pizza got to the frozen playing field. Quick Dam came out hot with a goal by Neil Yee. Yee was called in from the golf course to help out and so he did. Manville Pizza was undaunted. Mark Kosinski taking the rubber down the pipe (wait what, that sounds dirty). Anyway, Mark beat out the dam and finished by patiently out waiting the goalie. In the second, after the drop of the puck, Quick Dam's captain, Shawn Smith, would put the team on his back and get the lead back. Just 3 minutes later, Quick Dam would get another by Larry Lefebvre. This one was a beauty. Larry found where momma hides the peanut butter and dusted up the top shelf. Manville's goalie Chris Santiago would clamp it down in the third. As Mark Schaivone had been stellar throughout. Matt Connell, yep me, would draw a penalty, giving Pizza a chance. In the power play Captain Dan Dussault would unload a shot from the point and yours truly would get a little tip on the puck to finally beat Schaivone. Ok, just the tip, not the whole thing. Yuckidy yuck yuck yuck. Anyway, it was nice to score and I am using this forum to pump myself up. It would not be enough as Quick Dam would go on to win 3-2, even though MPP lost 10 seconds. Just saying.

Lets talk about Kan Jam now. lol. My Boo Ralphie slotted to get the first win out on the court. Not to be denied, yours truly followed up with 2 slots in the next 2 games. That's what i'm talking bout booo.

Been quite the weekend so far. Got lots of stuff going on today. Hope y'all have a great week. Please stay safe and have fun.

Live, Breathe, LOVE..........................HOCKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!