July 5, 2019

The question on everyones mind is, what is happening to Manny's? Or better yet, who can figure out Manville Pizza? Either way, The pizza delivered. At the onset, Manny's would score first with Peter Meegan scoring from Derek Signoriello. That would be all the scoring in the first. In the first minute of the second, Jay Cinq-Marz would tie the game up getting a pass out in front from Mark Kozinski. Manny's would get the equalizer from Nick Miranda. Manville Pizza called the cops and Eric Rondeau got the call. Rondeau created 2 domestic disturbances by scoring twice and taking the lead in the second. His back up was Steve Owens (see you made the article) and Larry Lefebvre. Midway through the third, Mark Kozinski would finish off Manny's. Late in the third Manny's would get a controversial goal because the clock wasn't running. (see Steve it is in the report). Manville Pizza wins 4-3.

In the second game, the two teams were short so many players it looked like a pick up. Green Goddess would come out strong in the first. Glen Mederios would start the scoring for the Goddess. Word on the street is he is the resident sniper for the Green. Later in the period, Matt Connell (yes Me), sauced a pass from the defensive circles hitting Mark Kozinski in stride. Kosinski would finish and get the game winner. Sean Coffey would score next from Jimmy Meegan and Brian Roman. Final Touch would get on the board late in the period with Ralph Espilat on a rebound and a second try roofer from Glen Marshall. Kosinski would score again for the Goddess to finish the period. Also Filling in was Peter Meegan. Meegan would get the Hatty to finish the game with helpers by Iggy Gozman. And that is all she wrote. Goddess Wins going away 7-1.

The final game of the evening was Votta Properties against Roman Law. Roman started off quickly with a goal Andy Morrison from Shawn Smith. Votta Properties would answer with a goal by Mike Riendeau from Steve Albertelli. Albertelli was as hot as the weather itself. Roman would go ahead once again with Smith getting the goal and Morrison getting the assist. On to the second, Steve Albertelli would dominate the rest of the game getting 4 goals with helpers by Jay Arruda and of course the other youngster Adam Babikian. This dynamic duo is tearing up the ice and leaving everyone in the dust. Next to Baro being the wall in net, this is they could be the reason for Votta's success this season. Votta would win 5-2 and are comfortably ahead.

There are only 6 games left (maybe 7 if we get a make up for last week). If you have not paid up for the season, please make sure you get square with Jim Gallagher. If you are not paid by the playoffs, you will not play in the playoffs.

I hope everyone has a great week. See ya all next Friday.

Live, Breathe, Love..............................Hockey!!!