First games under the belt

August 27, 2022

You win some, you lose some.

The story line 2 really close games and a blow out.

See you tonight.



Ha, got you!

First game was Quick Dam vs. Edge Doctor and what a game it was. In the first it was Quick Dam getting by in the first with Greg Landry finding the back of the net. Not an easy task. It took awhile before another score change but halfway through the third, the almost 3 year old in the warm room's dad, Jarred Martin, got one from the point with a tippy canoe over the outstretched glove hand. Wait, there's more. Late in the period, with the goalie pulled, Edge Doctor would finally crack the egg. Glen Marshall would bend the twine for Edge Doctor set up by his Captain Adam Babikian!! And yet, if your ass was not in full pucker as a Quick Dam fan yet, Edge would go on a power play with a little over a minute left. Do you believe in miracles. Yeah, well it didn't happen. Close but no cigar. Quick Dam would go on to win 2-1 and play, Spoiler .... haha, you will have to wait til the next paragraph.

And here we freakin go. The evil empire starts their run with a big win. Big, like what the fuck kind of win. Sorry children for the fowl language. Anyhoo. Manville Palace Pizza started off with 3 goals unanswered in the first Mark Kosinski, started it off by taking a bad pass to the net for the first one. Jay Cinq-Mars with the fancy tip action off of Brian Romans shot and Jay Malo's heads up play. Kosinski would get another from Keith Kraunelis' rebound. On to double jeopardy where the scores can really change. Yet, only by one. Glen Medeiros would end the period with a goal, set up someone, but I cannot read Ben's hand writing in this case. could be Nick Nardone or a pregnant lady against a wall? I am going with Nardone. In any case it would be MPP going on to get 3 in a row at the beginning of the third. According to the score sheet, goals at 2:02, 2:04 and 2:35. I think the clock might have not started at the drop of the puck. No wonder I am tired, extending the hockey time here and there. Now it says here Medieros would score again, giving him 2 for the game. Hmm? Wow, great job Glen. he would be set up by Kosinski and Kraunelis. Kraunelis would set up the second one of the peirod along with Cinq-Mars. Then Nardone on his own. Finally, Green Goddess, Yes, it is Goddess who was against the empire. Rebel Scum! lol. Anyway, Eric Robichaud showed his team the way with a goal to break the shutout dreams, he would get a rebound from Kreg Labelle. Kosinski would get another and then we would mover on to see 2 more by Goddess. Aimee Accino and Andy Meegan would set up Scott Reilly for one and Kreg and Richie Dias would set up the final goal. And that would do it. MPP would go onto win,8-3. Wow what a tight game.

Ok, here we go to the game of inches and goalies. Final Touch vs. Vescera Law et al. This is going to be quick, as both teams goalies would not give a crack. Mike Dussault for Vescera Law and Shannon Murphy for Final Touch. Both were unbelievable. You know how shit goes right. Both teams have opps and both teams take those opps away. It went on and on like this until the early in the third. On the edge of your seat right? I was holy crap. I stepped on the ice and we scored. It looked like a mucky back and forth in front of the net, and finally the assassin Jerry Fahey would pop the cherry, with Eric Rondeau getting the assist. Yep, Eric is back to finish the season. As we were celebrating our goal, because it was so freaking difficult to do, Vescera would get the answer goal. Kevin Schleicher would get the goal from Eric Robichaud and Dan Clare. This was all 20 seconds after Final scored. Here we go to butt pucker time, as the two teams skated to the finish and on to OT. Sudden win over time. I don't know why it is sudden death. Should be sudden win. Oh and that is what Final Touch did with only a minute 41 left in the OT.  No Shoot out you masochists. 2-1 Final Touch.

Here we go kids, Votta Properties will be Playing Final Touch and Quick Dam will be Playing Manville Palace Pizza.

Night number 2 of the playoffs. Who will win? Hey Bill Babikian what is the line on these games?

Informational section: Winter Session starts on Sept. 16th. If you intend on playing and we do not know yet, please inform Mike Dussault or Jim Gallagher.
Thank you!

Here we go, see you tonight.

Live, Breathe, Love................................................HOCKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!