Friday Night is always special

November 6, 2021

Good Morning, it was a hard skate night. We were skating like a dog. It was hard skate night and we should be sleeping like a log. 

Anyway, lets get into it. Who wanted to see Quick Dam finally get off the schnide? I know I did. With the help of some fine gentlemen and one lady, it almost worked. Last night the dam, had changed its name briefly to Quick Goddess. She is a fickle bitch, id-dant she? that goddess. It started out on the side of the Dam, with a goal by Neil Yee, from Andy Morrison and Brian Roman. A few shifts later, Rich Dias took advantage of a small window and back handed it in to tie the game. He was set up by Eric Robichaud. Rob Edelman loved what he saw from Richie and duplicated that effort, set up by Aimee Accinno. Her bf was none to pleased. That put Vescera ahead. Not to fear, Neil Yee is here. He would get another one a minute later to tie it up once again. Again, he was set up by Morrison and Roman. Alas, in the second, Dias would get sprung for another goal. He was set up by Edelman and Accinno. That line was on fire. Late in the second, Yee would help the cause and tie it up again. This time help came from Morrison and Frank Nardone. In the third, Vescera wore down the combo team. Richie Dias late in the game would squeeze through the D leaving the puck for Jay Arruda. Arruda would clean up the loose change out of no where for the game winner. Dias would get his hat with an empty net. And hope was gone for the Quick Goddess ahem Quick Dam. Vescera wins 5-3

In Game 2 MPP yeah you know me versus The Doctor of doom. Ok Manville Palace Pizza versus Edge Doctor. In the first, literally off the face off the doctor would get on the board. The Captain Adam Babikian leading the way by example. A few shifts later, Babikain would get another to put his team ahead early from Neil Foley and Mike Thomas. Manville would cut it in half. Rick Mercuri showing up after being on vacation. Set up by Keith Kraunelis and Dan Dussault. Edge Doctor would get another one and stretch the lead again by two. Mike Thomas would get the next one, set up Kreg Labelle. In the second, Manville would come alive. Nick Nardone would put the pizza back on track. Set up by Mercuri whos moon is rising and Glen Marshall (thanks for the beer brother). Late in the second, Mercuri would get his second goal, set up by Nardone and Dussault, tying the game. The game now belonged to Manville, Nick Nardone would get another one, fed by Mercuri. Kraunelis would get the insurance goal, set up by Nardone and Mercuri. MPP would add insult to injury and get another one by Amy Noble from Greg Landry. Mercuri would have 2 goals and 3 assists. MPP wins 6-3. 

In the late game Votta Properties faced off against Final Touch. Votta would start the scoring with Mark Kosinski getting on the board. Mike Bonin. Everyone loves it BONIN. In the third yep, nuttin happened in the second, Final Touch would get on the board, Timmy Pincince and Rich LaPLante on the helpers. Ricky Votta would snatch victory out of the jaws of a tie, by getting on the board on the next shift. He was set up by Steve Manning. Late in the game to make sure, a third goal was scored by an a couple of subs. Low score, but a lot of action. Votta wins 3-1. 

A couple of new faces who want to play are Amy Noble, who scored for MPP. She told me she would love to be full time. Also, Ashley Huchins, a deep dig by Shawn Smith to bring her in, taking a shot on D player no one knows. Turns out, it was a good call. 

I hope everyone has a great week. 

Live, Breathe, Love......................................HOCKEY!!!!