Full moon and better temperatures

March 19, 2022

In the land of chimpanzees I was a monkey. Butane in my veins And I'm out to cut the junkie With the plastic eyeballs, Spray-paint the vegetables Dog food stalls with the beefcake pantyhose Kill the headlights And put it in neutral.

What kind of effed up lyrics are those. Anyway, I am not a loser baby.

So the Beefcake pantyhose played the spray painted vegetables. I Mean Manville Pizza played Vescera Law. What a game this was, holy smokes. In the early going Glen Marshall put the biscuit in the basket. Big helpers from Nick Nardone. A few minutes later Aimee Accino came down the left side, collecting a pass from Richie Dias and bending the net to tie er up. Shane McCormick would get MPP the lead back minutes later on a breakaway. A minute later Marshall would put a stinger on the Law with a beauty from the top of the slot, again Nardone would get the apple. Late in the period Kevin Schleicher would put one in to make it 3-2. In the Second, Aimee Accino would get another one early and Tie the game. Another minute later Schleicher would get another one and take the lead. In the third Richie Dias would get the final goal for Vescera, stretching the lead to 5-3. Pizza would pull the goalie and get a goal with 5 seconds left. But time would not be on their side, as the game expired. Vescera wins 5-4.

Game 2. Green Goddess going toe to toe with Quick Dam. I am pretty sure we got a goal from Brian Pendergast early in the first. But its a little sketchy on who scored. I am going to say it was Brian P from Brian Cormier filling in. Late in the period Shawn Smith Put the puck in the net wearing Jimmy Meegan like an afghan. He tucked it in the corner to put it to bed. bad puck no supper for you. In the second, Ed Cardoso would fake out yours truly and pass one to the open slot, to the awaiting tape of Shawn Smith. Newman. Smith would bury this one. However, if you go back to the tape, the offsides would have waived this one off. Green Goddess would tie this on up as Gary Ouilette would put the hamburger on the grill with a mid period goal. He was helped by Matt Connell and Al Whitton. Late in the second, cha cha Chad Labaste would score with help from Glen Mederios. This would put Quick Dam up 3-2 going into the third. Wait, there's more. Green Goddess would score in the 3rd shift of the 3rd for their 3rd. Pendergast would come up big again from Cormier and Andy Morrison. Morrison would get the next goal on his next shift with help from Andy Meegan. Meegan meegan everywhere and nah, not going there. Back to the game. Quick Dam would come back to score and tie it up 4-4. It was all my fault for Hooking Boo. Ed Cardoso would get the goal from my boo, Ralph Espilat and Anthony Lisi. Now this one is getting interesting. Racing around the rink, both teams getting chances. It would come down to the clock, tick tock, tick tock. With 5 seconds on the clock, Neil Yee uncorked a shot that would be heard round the rink. He was set up by Andy Meegan and Andy Morrison. Green Goddess with the win 5-4. 

Late in the night, the late game would start. Final Touch taking on Edge Doctor. Final Touch would get on the board first with a goal by Steve Owens. He would be unassisted. Edge Doctor would not bat an eyelash and score within a puck drop. It would be 22 from 8. Not sure the subs on that game. Anyway, Final Touch would get on the board again. Tim Pincince would put the Touch in the lead. In the second Kreg Labelle would tie the game with help from Eric Rondeau. Midway through it would be Final Touch getting over with Pincince setting up the goal. Adam Babikian would carry the team to the tying goal from Neil Foley. Kreg Labelle would put the Doctor up by one from Jay Cawley. Again, Edge 22 would score whomever that was from Kreg Labelle. Late in the period, Owens would put his team back on track with a goal. He was assisted by Larry Lefebvre. Onto the third and 22 would score again for Edge Doctor, unassisted. Final Touch would come storming back making it 6-5, with Pincince on the helper. All these subs getting goals, whats up with that. Kreg Labelle would get the final goal for the Doctor making it 7-5. Final Touch would make it close with a late goal by Pincince who was all over the score sheet. Tough to get it from under him. It would not be enough as Edge Doctor would keep the lead through the end. 7-6.

Some exciting match ups this week. All the scores were one goal either way. 5-4, 5-4 and 7-6. Exciting times.

So, Green Goddess would get themselves into 1st, tied with Votta Properties. Although Votta has a game in hand. Vescera and Edge Doctor are right behind the leaders. It's going to be a race to the finish line this season. I have my money on Quick Dam as the dark horse. They are playing possum and will probably repeat as the champs. Or not.

Anyway, everyone have a great week. Let's wish everyone going to Nashville safe travels and a great time. I am envious, but Envy is the Thief of Joy. So, bon voyage. I picture a pedal bike pulled over the side of the road, abandoned because it was a lot of work.

BTW: Great Job Ben Dussault filling in for the ole man river. The heir apparent is ready for Prime Time.

Ok folks, have a great week. See you all at the rink!!!

Live, Breathe, Love...................................HOCKEY!!!!!!