Game 2, Night 2 action

October 18, 2020

North Smithfield, RI - 146 ice rink. 

In the first game of the semi-final round to get it to 2, Manville Pizza faced Votta Properties. Most of the first was back and forth action, up and down the ice. That would change in the 9th minute with a goal by Rich LaPlante. Rich is a veteran to the championships. He is either a lucky charm or just really good. He would finish off a 3 touch from Brian Beck and Steve Owens. This would have the empire out in front 1-0. Brian Beck would stretch the lead taking the puck through the outside and putting it home, squeezing the right post. Late in the period, Mike Bragan would repeat the goal from the same spot, his from a pass by Kevin Bartels, late in the second to finish off the period, 3-0 MPP. In the first two periods, Mike Dussault, Jr. would keep the Purple at bey with, save after save. Votta Properties would not go quietly into that good night. Early in the third, Brandon Bell would answer the, well, bell. Putting home the puck from Ralph, MY BOO, Espilat. (If I just put MY BOO, how many people in the league would know who I was talking about?). Votta kept pushing and pushing. Pizza just kept pushing back. Votta would get another goal with 3 minutes left in the period. Nate Arruda and MY BOO would set up Chad Labaste for the goal. With just over a minute to go, Votta would pull the Goalie to get the extra skater out there. It almost paid off. The puck did go in the net, but only after the whistle blew because the net was dislodged. Pressure did continue by Votta Properties, but time ran out on the game and the season. Manville Pizza prevailed as they did in the season. The number one is in the Championship. 

Game 2, Manny's Hockey Shop versus Vescera Law. The teams went at it like two prize fighters feeling each other out. ew. Late in the first, Manny's blinked and tipped the puck in their own goal. Manny's was relentless in the offensive zone, but the defense and Mike Baro kept them off the scoreboard. Late in the second, Vescera would strike again. Dan Clare would get a brilliant pass from Rob Edelman. Manny's threw the kitchen sink at Vescera Law, but nothing would get by. In the end, 2-0 Vescera Law to put them in the Finals with Manville Palace Pizza. 

Editors note: I personally felt like this season, for all the ups and many more downs, was a fun time. Some didn't like it, but with this year being so shitty, hockey and friends kept us floating through. I appreciate all my friends and the game. Happy I am allowed to be a part of such a great group of people. 

Good luck to Manville Pizza and Vescera Law. May the best team win. 

Live, Breathe, LOVE...............................................................HOCKEY!!!!