Great Drafts make for Great Teams!

September 11, 2015

Rise up, Gather round, Rock this Place to The Ground!!!!

Here we go, the Winter Season. It is a long way to the end, but the journey is worth every minute.

Tommy G. opened the season with a goal for final touch and we were off and running. Jimmy Meegan would follow up the goal in the same shift, set up by Gaboriault. It wouldn't be long before Jodi Pachomski would get on the score sheet, setting up 2 goals for Manville Pizza, tying the game. The tide would turn on Final Touch's first game of the season, but they wouldn't give up. Down by a goal late in the second, Sean Forrant would tie up the game with a nifty pass from Brian Pendergast. This topsy-turvy game would change leads 4 times, in the end the Pizza would end the game much like the ended the summer season, with a win. Keith Kraunelis would get a goal and 2 assists to put the game away.

In the second game of the night, 401 Consultants came out to a fast start. The team would get on the board with 3 goals in the first. The nifty ringer by Kevin Bartels that went around the net picking the lower half looked like it was shot out of a jai alai pelota. Brian Beck was up to his old tricks and scored 2 goals and an assist to lead the consultants in scoring. Vescera looked strong and kept it close right to the end and score with 40 seconds left to tie the game. Nothing like a tie, its like kissing your sister.

In the late game, both MSCCC and Manny's Hockey Shop looked strong. The scoring would start for Manny's in the first. Paul Praderio would win the face off to Doc who would score with a sweet lateral move and put it blocker side. Later in the period Nick Miranda would finish off the scoring where everyone touched the puck. The defense would pass it across d to d, out to the left winger, to the center Praderio and finished up by Miranda. MSCCC would get a breakaway from Kevin LaBelle and cut the lead in half. Derek Signoriello would take matters in his own hands collecting a pass out of the zone from Dave McQuade and finishing off with a beauty. The 2 goal lead would not last as the puck flew out of the zone and was picked up eventually by Iggy, who would pop the puck home. In the Nick Miranda would have something to say about that just 16 seconds later. MSCCC again would cut the lead to 1. Again, Derek Franco this time, would extend the lead for the Hockey Shop. This time that would be all they would need. MSCCC would get one back and keep it close right to the end.

Great job Captains for the way you drafted. Real close talent and skill. It will be a fun season with ties and 1 goal differentials all season.

That long split from Summer to the Winter season was too long. Glad to be back.

Live Breathe Love...........................HOCKEY!