Happy NEW SEASON!!! Pop the cork!

March 30, 2024

I have been pondering how to start the article this season. So, the best way I can is to say, Ben Dussault did and is doing an amazing job score keeping in the vestibule. He has his helper Pepper. Yep, Pepper. Do with that what you want. I also, do not know a bunch of numbers, so I am going to make this short and sweet. Maybe, we will see. So enjoy!

The tuxedo twins went after it in the first game. The singer out played the drummer in this barn burner. 12 goals for Vescera Law, 6 goals for Votta Properties. Here is what I know. 4 goals for each in the first. & goals for Vescera in the second. Ricky Votta scored the final goal for the Purple. In the end it was not good. Vescera wins out of the gate. Oh Wait, I understand that Eric Campbell, back in the fold, scored the first goal of the season. 

Back to the score sheets.

In game 2, this was a good one. On the score sheet it says, Dads team vs. Poopy Team. That is not very nice Ben. Two hat tricks in this one. Ben Hevner for Dads team and Kreg Labelle for Final Touch. this was back and forth. The final goal was late in the third, a ricochet rabbit. Ryan Degnan had the second goal from Hevner. These two were a load. Dad's team won 4-3. 

Last game was very close kids. 3-2. Green Goddess wins over Quick Dam. This is going to be a fun season, with these close scores. Goddess got a hat trick and Quick Dam got 2 goals by 37. Thats all I know. Goddess had 1 in the first, second and third. While Quick had one in the second and 3rd. That is it. Close one. 

Good luck the rest of the way. Happy Easter and or Passover. 

Wicked Rhode is at St. Josephs Vets in Woonsocket tonight. Come on by!

Live, Breathe, Love...................................HOCKEY!!!!