Happy New Year!!!! 2023 looking up babies

December 31, 2022

I saw on the FB there is an old Irish tradition of taking escorting the old year out one door and greeting the new year in the Front door. I didn't know this was done anywhere but my house growing up. My dad had this whole routine depending on the year. If it were a decent year he would ask the old year to leave like a friend that stayed too long. If it were a shitty year he would remove the old year like a bouncer with a drunken patron. In any event, its a fun New Years memory. 

Let's get on to the games. 

Quick Dam and Vescera Law came out on fire. Quick Dam got out to a 3-0 start in the first with Shawn Smith leading the way.  Larry Lefebvre and Craig Pizzo quarterbacking the goals. At the end of the period Shane McCormick got a couple for Vescera Law and erase the better part of the lead. Quick Dam got another early in the second by Neil Foley set up by the under the weather girl, Aimee Accinno. Then in a weird turn of events, Vescera would get 5 unanswered goals to win the game. Mike Thomas with the hat trick. Keven Schleicher would get the final goal showing off for the kids. Vescera would win 7-4. 

On to game number 2. Pete likes the brevity, so I will keep this as short as possible. Go to the tape. Edge won again. Edge would be up 5-0 by the time Manville would manage a goal. Ed Cardoso with a beauty to start the goal scoring late in the first. Followed by Glen Marshall with a couple. Cardoso would get another, followed by Brian Cormier to cap off the 5 goal run. Manville would get 3 unanswered in the third. Mark Kosinski would get one for the team to put Edge Doctor on edge. So much so there was plenty of penalties to go around on both sides. Late in the third Adam Babikian and Steve Owens would stretch the lead and punctuate the game. 7-3

Late game the late game the late game. Votta 'fuckin' Properties as they call it in the locker room, versus Green Goddess. Lets make this real simple. It was Nick Nardone getting 4 for Votta, with Glen Medeiros, Mike Bonin and Al Witton with the assists. Dan Dussault subbing, getting 2 for Green Goddess with Jay Cinq-Mars and Greg Landry on the assists. It was a good game. Lots of subs and only one penalty. Mike Bonin with a really suspect hook on Rich Dias. In the end, 4-2 Votta Properties. 

Edge Doctor has taken stretched their Juggernaut lead to 6 points ahead of the competition. Quick Dam, Final Touch and Votta are breathing down their necks. Less than half the season left to gain some ground. 

Hope everyone has a fun and safe New Years Eve. Looking forward to a great 2023. 

Live, Breathe, Love.........................................................HOCKEY!!!