High Scoring Friday

October 4, 2019

Here ye here ye here ye. All rise for the honorable Michael Dussault presiding. Stand up and be heard, in all three games. What? Did I hear that right? Junior played in 3 games? ..........Its like rain on your wedding day, its free ride when you already paid. its good advice that you just didn't take.....And isn't it Ironic. Don't you think Captains?

On to the games. Mike started in his PJ's with Votta Properties. Giving up 5 goals but taking the win against Green Goddess. Votta got over on Green Goddess by 2 getting 7. Stephen Albertelli would get 2 and an assist. Anthony Lisi would match with 2 himself and an assist to help the cause. The scrappy Adam Bilbikian would finish the scoring for the Goddess late in the third but it wouldn't be enough. Keven Webster owned this game, who owns who owns. Kevin would get goals in a bunch. A hat in the second and 2 more in the third. Holy crap, who do you think you are young man. Nate Arruda and Ricky Votta would contribute in the first and second as well to round out the scoring. Jared Martin and Ralphie Espilat would be the spoons that fed the baby for the assists. Votta wins 7-5. great game.

In Juniors second game, he would prevail again. Final Touch would face the beast this time in their away pinny's. Mark Kosinski for FT would start the scoring for the touch and the only goal in the first. In the second it was all Manville all the time. This was Brian Becks game. Beck would get a hat trick as he had dreams of our Nations Capital this weekend. The cop Greg Landry would be the feeder this time, along with Shannon ( ill take you down bitch Meegan) Caverly getting a couple of assists. Richie LaPlante would figure in a goal and an assist to help the cause. In the end, Captain Dan Dussault would book end with the first and last goal of the game. The MPP would take out the Touch 6-2 sorry Richie Dias from Somerset Massachusetts.

The Emperor got some new clothes in the final game and would be exposed. OH MY! In fact, it was Jay Goyette getting the better of Vescera Law. Lots of subs though last night. Goyette got 4 goals for the good guys. Shooter almost got a hatty but not quite. had 2 and 2. The hero of the game was Jimmy Meegan. Forget Forecheck Foley, we now have Jam it in Jimmy. James Meegan was the straw the broke the proverbial back of the opposition. Meegan's tenacity was inspiring. Mark Schaivone would help Manny's to get the shut out 8-0 over Vescera Law.

There was some concern with the VP or Emperor of the league Mike, goalie, junior Dussault. He had to leave. He had to get up and be at the airport early this morning. What a trooper. Huh? Apparently he made it, because he texted me from the plane. Yep at 830 this morning. I was up believe it or not folks.

You know it is halloween month. So, I think we should have a ghost story a week.

I had this album when I was a kid. Where is my golden arm.......Awesome shit. BTW I wish I still had it, in used condition, worth $99 on ebay.

Live, Breathe, Love......................Hockey!!!!