Hockey and Can JAM? Can Jam Still? STILL!!!

December 4, 2015

Great night of hockey and later, thanks to Rich Dias, we had some kan jam. And Richie didn't disappoint with 3, yes 3 wins by himself. 

Now to Hockey. The first game had Roman Law absolutely destroying Final Touch. The game got out of hand in the Second. Roman Law would get 5 goals and that would be enough. Final Touch actually led this one heading into the second 2-1. Halfway through the second the wheels came off. The train went off the tracks. They jumped the shark. (Not sure how that fits Pete). Eric Campbell led the charge for the Law. 

In the second game of the night, MSCCC could not get off the mat themselves as Vescera Law gave them the 8 count. Billy V himself grabbed another goal. He is up to 5 this season and should have had a hatty. Chris Hammond sheathed the sword a couple of times in this one as well. Mike Baro only gave up one late, but was untarnished otherwise. 

The final game was a mammoth victory for Manny's Hockey Shop. Manny's has been in a tail pin. Tonights win gives them some breathing room from the basement. They are at the top step nearing the light switch. Danny Albertelli would skunk the Consultants in the last period. While Manny's would score 4 in the second. The 2 aces of 401, Dave Roleau and Brian Beck would get the brunt of the scoring. It would not be enough as Captain Derek "the blocker" Signoriello would get a goal late in the second, to match a late goal by the consultants. He would end up with a hat trick. That is a bruise on his ankle, one on his chest and a hamstring pull. He also got 3 goals. 

Christmas is coming the goose is getting fat. Please put a penny in the old mans hat... Come everybody sing....if you haven't got a .... penny... eh um.... ok just me singing.

Hope everyone has a great week.