Hot Summer Nights at the Ice Rink

July 20, 2014

In the first game Vescera did what they could against the up and coming Final Touch. The touch had Capt. Ahab with a Hat Trick leading his team in the scoring. Vescera was close all game and was put away with an empty netter at the 11:51 mark of the third period. Rich LaPlante led Vescera law in the scoring with 2 assists.

Manville Pizza just couldn't deliver despite the effort throughout the game. However, 401 dialed up their game with Rich Dias beating his drum and getting a hatty to lead the consultants to the win. On the Pizza side, Kelley 'The HOOV' Hoover, cleaned up the dirty area in front of the net with a goal, keeping the pizza in the game. Earlier she would also get an assist, leading pizza in scoring as well as cracking the top ten for points in the league.

In the west coast game, Roman Law would take on Manny's Sports. Manny's with a loss in their last game and a tie prior to that, wanted this game bad. They also needed to keep up with the Consultants for league supremecy. In the first period a quick goal by Manny's would set the stage just 30 seconds in. Steve Sullivan would make a great play from below the goaline to start the scoring with a brilliant pass. Later in the first Manny's would get on the board again. This would be all the scoring for most of the game. Until the Law would come storming back in the middle of the third. Even with a great push back, Manny's would not give up the game. First star going to Mark Schaivone in net.

Another great night of hockey, everyone. In order to keep it going, we need to make sure we pay our dues. Please make payments that are owed to the league for the Summer Season. If you do not pay before the playoffs, you will not be able to play. If you don't play, you let your team down. If you let your team down, you LET YOUR TEAM DOWN!!! So please pay!!!

See you all Friday night!


Oh and don't let this happen to you!! Make sure you pay or Jimmy Gallagher might go all Stewie on you!