I love hockey what about you?

February 1, 2020

Hi, How are you? Looking for some clever tid bit in the latest article. Well, good luck.

In the first game, who are those masked men? Green Goddess couldn't figure out how they got touched so often. In the first Goddess had gotten on top. Yep, Anthony Lisi made it one nuttin, from sub Jimmy Meegan and they was much celebration. Sadly that was it for the green. As Final Touch got in the drivers seat. Richie Dias got on his horse and scored two in the same shift. Mark Ferreira of the famous brothers, got both helpers. Mike Reindeau figured in on the first as well. Late in the period the damage would be escalated as Mark Kosinski would find the back of the net unassisted. In the same minute and last minute, Gerry Fahey would set up Rick Mercuri to finish the period. A cannon from the point and Mercuri swept up the change. In the next period Mike Riendeau would start the scoring. This time cleaning up the loose change from Brian Romans point shot. In the end a sub wearing 7 finished off the Goddess with two late game bullets. 7-1

Here is a game for you. Votta Properties and Roman Law went at it. Mike Ferreira got the party started with a JFK bullet shot. This one bounced of a helmet to find the back of the net. Nate Arruda and Brandon Bell set it up. Later Kevin Webster would find the net with Ralph feeding him from behind the net. All of a sudden Votta was up by two. In the second, as it opened, Sean Coffey would cut the lead in half for Roman to get on the board. Votta would stretch the lead again, with Chad Labaste taking it in from the blue line, from Kevin Webster. Craig Lebelle would help the cause coming off paternity leave, for Roman Law. He would set up Glen Medeiros for the second goal. Roman Law would strike again, Eric Rondeau would through a knuckle ball at the net and tie the game. Votta was not done. Brandon Bell likes baseball too. He would bat one out of the air off the ice into the net. Boo and Webby would set him up from the corner. In the third, Glen Medeiros of Roman Law would strike again, tucking in another one from Lebelle and Captain Shawn Smith. The game tied late, Ricky Votta would take his team to the next level. Votta would get his motor going. He would chip it passed yours truly, who screwed the pooch as a sub, and scored the game winner, fuck me!. Yep, Votta wins 5-4.

The late game was another great one. Manville Palace Pizza would get over on Vescera Law early, like real early. 35 seconds in Mike Bragan would score. In the second, yep, nothing happened in between. In the second, Manville would get another one. Brian Beck would take it from Rich LaPlante and score. 2-0 Pizza. In the third, real quick game eh, Rob Edelmen would cut the lead in half for the law, this from Jay Arruda and Dan Clare. Now its a game. Late in the third Greg Landry would score for Manville to make it 3-1. Steve Owens would set the table on this one. Turns out it was the game winner, as Jay Arruda continued to play even with only 2 seconds left, making with 3-2. Manville Palace Pizza would vault to the top of the standings, as Manny's sits idle on the shelf this week.

Hope you all have a great super bowl party. whatever you do.

Live, Breathe, Love.......................Hockey!!!!