Its Beginning to Look a Lot Like Hockey

December 10, 2022

Taking a bit of poetic license here. I love the early game. Frank please don't bring that drinking monitor device with you ever again. I would rather not know.

Ok, Let us get into it shall we.

Final Touch and Quick Dam, 2 of the most colorful and fancy jersey'ed teams in the league. Apparently 'Jersey'ed' is not a word, oh well. This game had playoff atmosphere. Although Final Touch had 3 subs. What a game none the less. No score in the first. In the second Derek Anderson chipped one in off of Paul Nadeau's shot. Ok, there is 2 of the subs working together. Back and forth they went until near the end of the game. Literally a few incidents that some would call penalties and apparently the 2 that mattered didn't. no harm, no foul. Made the game go quick that is for sure. Late in the game, Final Touch would get the pressure off goal by Nadeau. Both goalies were outstanding. Jay Pires was outstanding for the Orange. We joked about Neil Yee bringing a 30 pack in its cardboard cooler, we should put it behind Frank Zabata in net to keep it cold. It actually would not have been hit by a puck, as Zabata got the shutout. In the end it would be Final Touch getting the DUBYA 3-0 with an Empty Netter.

Now the next game was a blood bath. I cannot believe the amount of scoring on both sides. Votta Properties started the game on time with an early goal set up by the Mr. Handsome, the Don himself, Ricky Votta. Manville would slap back with a goal by White Gloves, Mark Kosinski set up by Peter Meegan. 30 seconds go by and Meegan set up Glen Marshall, wearing all black. Its true black is slimming. All that said, Nick Nardone, playing against his former team, tied up the game. Al Whitton would set him up. Can you believe this game, ridiculous. Wait, this is still the first period. Peter I will make this shorter soon, stay with me buddy. Manville will win the period with a late goal by someone not on their team. In The second, they would pull ahead again. Did anyone see Sean Forrant? Nice to have him back. Anyway, Derek Sandy Anderson, playing a second game would pop an early goal in the second to stretch the lead 4-2. Votta Props, would match both goals one by Ricky and one by Andy Morrison. (Morrison is out for 4 weeks with stomach surgery and is still second in goals scored for the season. Damn he's good). Votta would win period 2. In period 3, Maville's wheels would come off. Morrison would get another one in the third shift, then Al Whitton would pile on for the game winner. Another by whomever was wearing 24. A late goal by Manville's Joe Martin would not be enough. Great game though. Votta wins 7-5.

And here we are the late game. Hi Dan Clare. Don't you hate the late one. Vescera would start the scoring in this one with a goal midway through by Scott Reilly. Green Goddess with the equalizer and at the end of the period 10 seconds apart from each other. Hey Defense the period wasn't quite over guys. Steve Lombardi got one at the 11:23 mark and Richie Dias at the 11:32 mark. Are you serious right now. Welp, they were serious and had 2 goals in the second 20 seconds apart to lead the game 4-1. I am serious does this really happen or is Mr. D hitting the eggnog early? Jimmy Meegan would set up the goal at the 4:02 mark and Lombardi would get another at the 4:21 mark. Ok, that shit is unbelievable. Gary Ouilette didn't care he got 2 to end the second erasing most of the lead. 3 goals by Vescera in the third and that's all she wrote. All of which were subs so, this article is over. Vescera bested the Green Goddess 6-4.

Chilly night all of us in Shannon's loaner Lesburu. I hope you all have a great week. Get that Xmas shopping in or whatever your denomination requires you do. Enjoy a the season. I love my xmas lights. Not too overdone, but lovely.

Anyway, have a great week as I said. If you have nothing to do, come to Badgers Pub 530 Broadway, Pawtucket. Great place. Neighborhood is iffy.

Live, Breathe, Love.........................HOCKEY!!!!