Just 1 game left THEN PLAYOFFS

August 9, 2014

Teams are getting geared up, but this past Friday, showed again, this season to be the most even of them all. 

Vescera Law, took it to the league leaders or President Trophy hopefuls. They beat 401 Consultants convincingly with 5 goals.  The hero of the game was Dave McDonald in the net. The story this reporter overheard as well as witnessed, "McDonald stood on his head".  Of course McDonald credited his team defense for the win. final tally 5-2 LAW Wins

The closest game of the evening was another Law and underdog, keeping up pace and gearing up for the playoffs. If you walked into the rink you could feel the energy in the air. It was back and forth throughout the game, but Roman Law would prevail. 3-2. Again, the hero was the goaltender, Mike Baro and the defense. Final Touch could not crack the defense even while pulling the goalie and getting a power play with 8 seconds left. Just enough drama to make it even more exciting. final score 3-2 LAW Wins

The premier game of the evening was the final game of the evening. 'Mono e mono" Man vs. Man.  Or Manny's Hockey Shop Vs. Manville Pizza. This game was 1 - 0 going into the 3rd period. Apparently the late nighters are tough to compete for the full 36, or was it just the hat trick by Rob Edelman that made the difference. Either way, Manny's with all the effort they could muster, let this one slip away in the second half of the third. Mike Dussault was also stellar in net keeping Manny's at bay. 5-3 Manville Wins

Just a couple more weeks and the summer session is over. Please square up with the league if you owe money. 

Please remember to bring some goodies for grilling this Friday. Special thanks to Goggles for bringing the grill each week. 

In the words of Capt. Ahab as he quoted the most interesting man in the world, " STAY THIRSTY MY FRIENDS" 

Live, Breath, Love…… HOCKEY!!!!