Just when you thought I wouldn't be there, bam! Here I am!

April 2, 2022

Happy spring weekend y'all. Yep I am speaking southern, so the boys with cowboy hats can understand me. Y'all had a lot of gumpshine last night, donning those 10 gallon chapeaus'. You're a daisy if you do. I'll be your huckleberry! Ok, enough of that shiz.

Welcome to game one. Final Touch and Quick Dam had a Goalie Duel apparently. Woody won the duel, in the end. Final Touch came out swinging for the fences on the drop. Jim Galvin would score for the Touch within 16 seconds. Not a good start for the Dam. Well Quick Dam would tie this up in the second. Glen Medieros would set the goal up for whomever subbed for the Dam. It would be early in the second. Late in the second, Final Touch would get another from Nick Miranda. A third period of nothing, and that's all she wrote. Final Touch wins 2-1.

Onto game 2 where the action against the twine picked up. In the first things were knotted up. Votta Properties started the scoring with Michael Bragan unassisted. (espn sound dun na nunt). The Edge Doctors very own Kreg Labelle would not let the clock nor the opponent keep him off the board. He would get a goal with under a minute to spare in the first to tie this up. In the second, captain Votta of Votta would take the bull by the horns, metaphorically speaking, and score for the Purple. He would be set up by Brandon Bell. Edge Doctor said poopy to that. Neil Foley would tie this up for the Doctor, set up by Kreg Labelle and I believe Steve Owens. Must be fucking nice. Anyway, On to the third. Apparently, Votta was basically just in the middle lane up until the third. They dropped the hammer and smoked the tires in the third. Mr. Handsome would get the game winner midway through the third. Yep Captain Ricky, set up by Mark Kosinski (that's white gloves for those who don't know.) Literally, 8 seconds later, Brandon Bell would score from Ricky. Hell of a shift eh boys. In the end Kosinski to Bragen would finish it off. Votta 5-2 over the Edge. Note, Kreg got the Gordie Howe Hatty, with a goal, assist and penalty.

I was, coming into the rink after a lovely evening watching a fat man without a shirt make me cry. Yep, went to see Bert Kriecher. My stomach still hurts from laughing. So, as I walk in, Vescera score against my team Green Goddess. What the hell Glen. Jay Arruda would put the puck in the net for Vescera, unassisted. Green Goddess would come back quick with the help of Mike Strayer. Yep Mike is back baby. He would be set up by Neil Yee HAW. Vescera would score again to take the lead again in the second. Paul Praderio would get on the board from Kevin Schleicher and Jay Arruda. Late in the second, Strayer again from Andy Morrison and Jay Cinq-Mars. Then Late, Late in the period Number 4 Gary OrrOuilette would make it 3-2 roundin up them doggies to the third. In any case, that may be the last of my stupid cowboy references. So, the third, less than a minute in, Rick Vasconcelos would put the puck in the net. Bout fucking time after Gary Ouilette hit him in the foot. He was set up by Morrison and the other Ricky V. Speaking of which, Ricky V put the goddess up by 3. Spoiler, turns out it was the game winner. Jay Arruda, for Vescera would get them closer midway through to make it 5-3. Andy Morrison would get the 6th for Goddess to take the wind out of the sales of the Vescera ship. Late in the period Goddess' Yee would get them the 7th and Kevin Schleicher of Vescera would get their 4th. That would be the end of it 7-4 Goddess.

The standings are tight going to the final stretch of the season. Votta holds first with a game in hand. Goddess is 2pts behind and Vescera right behind them. Edge Doctor is right up against it as well in 4th. Goddess is on the bye next week. Lots can happen. Votta can take a commanding lead. Vescera could tie with Goddess. Edge can move up and make things hard for all of them. Manvllle, Quick Dam and Touch could ruin every ones party. Here's rooting for MPP, QD and FT. The way I see it, Votta can pretty much clinch first with one more win. That would give them 31 points. The most anyone else can get is Green Goddess. Votta would have the tie breaker. The way I see it anyway.

Also, there are 2 new subs an b and c that Bill Babikian brought in and they are dying to play. Robert Solon, defense C. And Steve Lombardi Forward B. 

One more thing. If you are playing in the summer, let Jim Gallagher or Mike Dussault know and give a down payment. If you owe from the Winter, please pay the balance.

Otherwise, have a great week. Love you all!

Live, Breathe, LOVE......................HOCKEY!!!!!