Like Sands In the hour glass, these are the Fridays of our lives!

April 9, 2022

Good Afternoon Hockey aficionado's.

In game 1 of our action tonight, Mike Baro and Mark Schaivone stole the show in this one. Both goalies were stellar for their teams. In the first the only goal that Schaivone missed was from the stick of Vescera's other hero Jay Arruda. He would be unassisted late in the first. In the second, Baro's only goal against would be from Jarred Martin, let's face it, he was showing off for the family. 3 generations of Martin's in the house. He would be assisted by Shawn Smith. That's it, that is the story of this game. Baro, Schaivone, Arruda and Martin. 1-1 tie.

Unlike Game one, this game was full of points. (for Manville). Too soon. In the first, Manville came out strong, Nick Nardone of the Rhode Island Nardone's would get on the board first. he would be assisted by Glen Marshall. Less than a minute later, Nate Patterson would get a goal. Can you believe it? And it wasn't his last this evening. Don't overlook Edge Doctor, as Mike Thomas would score for blue. He would be assisted by Eric Rondeau. Another puck drop later, Manville would get another making it 3 to 1 in the first. This one by Shane McCormick from Rick Mercuri and Nick Nardone. In the second, Nardone would extend MPP lead with McCormick's help. Edge would cut the lead in half with a goal by Kreg LaBelle. He was assisted by Adam Babikian. The next three goals in the second would be MPP Nate Patterson would get his second along with Shane McCormick on his second. A sub we dont know got one with Nardone's help. Onto the third, Nate Patterson would close the Hat Trick out with the 10th goal. Glen Marshall would also get one. And whomever was wearing 16. Edge Doctor would get one more with a goal by Derek Franco assisted by my man Kevin Bartels. This one was 10-3. in favor of Manville.

Onto the late one. Damn the VP is a good team. But apparently so is Final Touch. In the first Mike Bragan split the D and got the biscuit in the basket. Final Touch undaunted got a goal right from the faceoff by Dan Clare from top of the circle. He was set up by Jim Galvin. Still in the first, Mark 'White Gloves' Kosinski, would put a bullet top shelf, getting set up by Joe Martin. In the Second Final Touch would get this tied up again. This time it would be Larry Lefebvre, assisted by Tim Pincince  and Rich LaPlante. Late in the second Ricky Votta would take two shots, one off my leg and then back to his stick for a second try, this time he got er in, he was set up by Shannon Murphy. And it wasn't Shannon from the net, it was Shannon from the wing. Don't worry I tripped her in the third. That was the last of her glory. In the third, midway through Steve Owens would not be denied and tied the game up. Your's truly, Matt Connell and Dan Clare on the assists. That would do it, FT held on to the tie. 3-3.

Wow what a great night. Hope you all had fun. Big doings next week as the season winds down. Green Goddess and Manville go at it in the late game (fuck me). Edge and Dam go at it in the early goings. Votta will try to get the clincher against Vescera Law. Let's see if how all the drama turns out.

Have a great week everybody. Much Love.

Live, Breathe, Love...................................HOCKEY!!!!